What you should not ever say on your first date

Things you should never say on your first date :
If you just made a deal to go on your first date with the girl or the boy of your dreams, then it is really important to read this essay, otherwise you may waste the only chance to make that special person to fall in love with you.


After the first date, what all the girls really want is a sooner phone call from him, and the boys want the girls to call back again. For that reason, next we will tell you what you should not ever say on your first date if you want to go on a second date with this person.


1. Do not ever think about talk about the “marriage” on your first date. If your beloved dream is about getting married, just remember that you will have enough time to talk about that topic. The most of the people who like to talk about the marriage are actually the ones who remain couple less, because many men and women got away scared.

2. Do not talk about you ex-couples. It is not convenient to talk either good or bad about your ex-couple. If you even touch the topic, try to talk about it without giving so much information, save the details. Remember that each one of us has a love story, but it is better to stay it back in the past.

3. Do not make mention of other dates. Do not make the other person to feel like it is a competition. If you are a boy, do not tell her there are a lot of women who want to date you. The same case happens for the girls, it is not recommendable to talk about other dates and that kind of stuff.

4. Do not answer your cell phone. It is an impolite manner to talk with someone by cell phone while you are on a date. If it is about an important phone call, then say excuse me and talk right there in front of her. Do not ever think about say something like you are already bored or maybe that you are not really very busy right now, this would kill the day.

5. Do not ever talk about sex. Well, this is it; do not think about asking her something like, where was the strangest place you had sex at? how many people did you have sex with? Or worst, when was the last time you had really good sex? Well unless you are dating a porn star, otherwise forget about it.

6. Do not talk about you during the whole date. If you really want to know about this person, then you have to let her talk and pay attention to her. Try to talk about a lot of topics and do not focus on yourself and what you do for living; otherwise you will look like an egocentric and selfish guy who thinks his life is so interesting.

7. Do not talk about your family troubles. Mentioning the families and their conflicts and troubles may scare or even bore the date.

8. Do not talk about topics like the work. Do not worry her by talking about your job. Do not express all your frustrations at the job on your date. If she or he asks about your job, you may talk a little of it but of course saving the details. Do not ever ask for the payment.

9. Do not ask her about the weight. Even less if the girl is not really thin. A boy should not ask a girl how much she weights, because he would end up being a material guy who only cares about the sex appeal. Maybe when you know each other a little more, this topic can be touched.

10.Do not talk really bad about the place of the date. If you do not like the place but the person with you is really interesting, then ask for another date and you choose the place.

11.Do not talk about women. Many men make the mistake and talk about the beauty and good shape of other women. Well, this will make your date to go away immediately. Likewise it is not nice that a girl start talking about the men she really likes.

12.At the end of the dinner, do not ask her to share the bill. If you are a true gentleman and if you invited her, then you must pay for everything, unless she insists to share the bill. If it was the girl who invited the boy, then she must pay and ask him to pay on the next date.


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