Things you should know about women

It is important to know what you are looking for on a woman : 

Generally, knowing that special thing you are really looking for on a woman is definitively a difficult task, likewise, if you already take part of one of them then do not give up, I can assure you that finding the ideal woman is not that hard as you think it is. 

The most important is to count with an open mind, you must forget about all the clichés and standard things you have been thinking before and start from the zero point. Do not take as an important thing about what your friends consider like “attractive”.

Do not take seriously about all the women’s underwear TV advertisings. You must start from the very beginning, I man the essential, I am talking about what makes two people compatible or having something in common, you will be able of find that ideal person little by little, I mean, taking the chances of finding and knowing her. 

If you really want to find out what you are looking for on a woman, then you must take the respective time to know and treat that person and not only just considering the shape of the body that person has. 

It is important to realize that the personality of that woman is worthy enough; you should know that, her ambitions, her interests, her perspective of life, her likes and finally the way she looks. Wait a sec… by the way, you must be wondering why did I wrote those characteristics in that special order right? Well, everything has its own explaining. 

If you consider that the physical is the most important then will not consider and value other important aspect of the person you are dating or at least meeting. So this way, the men usually have the bad habit of imagine many things when they are seeing a good body shape or a pretty face, they got excited generally with what they see. 

However if you are able of value other aspects, the physical aspect will not be relevant. So in that case, you can meet a compatible person with yourself about like and dislikes, for example, you can find a woman who like the foot ball soccer like you and like of racing etc, likewise, you may find a hard-working woman who loves her career but maybe she does not have an excellent body shape, however that woman may be your perfect pair.

Finally, the personality, if the person is outgoing, reliable, hard-working, maybe a little easygoing or perhaps affectionate and the characteristics, her interests, her point of view and objectives in life, then all those facts are better than just a good body.

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