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If we think of love, the first person that comes to mind is our mother, and it is simple to see why.
Our mother is from whom we receive more love in our lives, so that the connection between her and us is so strong that is an inherent part of us until death.

We may have heard our mothers say all they want is to see their children made and happy, doing what they like to do; only this is going to make or mothers happy too.

Do not miss the opportunity to say a few words to your mother on the day of the year that she is remembered even more.
In this article we give you some ideas to express yourself in short phrases making her know all the love you feel for her as well as words to all those women which you admire for being so good mothers.

You can send it as you see it fits better, on a card with a gift or if you’re away, via Facebook or Twitter.
Free list of excellent phrases for Mother’s Day:

:: “I wish them the best in the world to women who took the challenge to be mothers and are continuing on their way. Take the best today, because you deserve it”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “I want to take this time to dedicate to my mother a few words of affection and emotion, I am very grateful for what you have taught me. Happy day to all mothers of the world also”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “The love I received from my mother is incomparable, unique. Since childhood I grew up with this great affection, so I have to thank life for the mother who gave me. Happy day to all in his day”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “My childhood would have been different if I had not had in my life, giving me your advice and being there with me always. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Now it’s your day and you get to enjoy life. Happy day”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “If I had the opportunity to make a dream come true, it would be to spend my life with you, enjoying every moment with you. I love you, have a nice day with us, your family”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “I still remember the time when I lost you, but I feel now that you live in me always making things go smoothly. I love you and always will. Happy day”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “The love a mother feels for her children does not have a point of comparison with other feelings. It is unique and irreplaceable. The children are always the most precious to them. So today and every day of the year, a mother deserves the best from their children”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “I want to dedicate these words with love to the person who was with me since I started to speak. Happy Day Mom, I love you with all my heart”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “What I want most for my children is that they feel as good as you made me feel. I want to be a good mother and you always will be my example. Happy day mom”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “Now that I live the experience of being a mother, I realize that some things I misinterpretate when I was a girl, actually sought the best for me. I thank you for the unconditional support you always gave me. I love you, happy day”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

:: “It is impossible not to love the person who gave you life, who raised you so warmly and made every effort to form you well. Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you have the best day of all”.
Category :Mother’s Day phrases

We hope these posts have been useful for inspiration to create a soulful phrase from the heart. Expressing love can be difficult for some, but in times like this we can release our feelings, feel and make her feel good.

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