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The father’s day,free father’s greetings and messages :

Father, because you were always there to support me in my fall and my mistakes, I want to wish you the happiest of days, Dad.

Everyone has that person that we owe it all, and telling him how grateful we are is never too much.
Here are some messages to tell him everything we feel and how much we love him. 
He is the one you blame for loving sports, he is the one you blame for been the football team fan you are today, because he is the one you always wanted to emulate, and knowing that, he always tries to set the best possible example for you to copy. 
He is guilty that you’ve been so smug, that you did not know the real mean of the word “no”, because he did not allow you to stop smiling, it’s him, he is the one responsible who has to explain why, if he knew that one day you will be wrong, he never stopped loving you and much less support you.  
Sigmund Freud already recognized the importance of fathers in a child’s development by giving it a degree of essential. And is that what a parent gives you since you are a little baby, the feeling of being protected, which allows us to grow without fear and without knowledge of needs; it is not for nothing he is the only hero we know the most. 
The next father’s day it is your turn to tell him how you feel about him, the love, respect, admiration, appreciation and above all, because after all, we would not be what we are without him, because he helped our mothers to raise us, and to know a lot of wonderful things, that is our father. 
In this occasion we left a few messages that can help you to express all this feeling within us and to make clear that although we have many differences, even when you profess love and admiration to each of our parents. These are and should be said with genuine sincerity and motivated from the heart: 
• Dad, because above all you are a man of genuine heart, and you usually worry more than you should, I want to thank you for pointing out to the horizon and always knowing with great optimism and confidence that I will be good. Happy Father’s Day!  
• Until today I have lived a life without problems, but these are nothing when compared to the problems you had to overcome in order to ensure that my life began. You know I will never be able to repay you, thanks dad. Happy Father’s Day
• It is nice that parents become friends with their children, fading all fear, but a lot of respect. And I thank you for being my best friend, being in good and bad. Happy father’s day, I love you papa.  
• A parent is a strange combination of reason and feeling. Because as anyone I’ve known target, and since no one has demanded, and for you, I learned that there is no limit to reach the dreams. Thanks for this, and because both gave me all your love, happy day father!  
• Every day you wake up as a father, is another opportunity to do what is right. Every day is another opportunity to influence us, your children, positively, because you know to help improve our world. Because we are convinced that your passion to be our father has inspired others to do so, with equal affection; thanks father! 
Summarizing Father’s Day is not as commercial as Mother’s Day but it means giving him the importance of their presence in our daily lives is to give its proper place with our mother, is to tell you not only worship father every day of the year but I have a special day to show that I love you and tell you Happy Father’s Day!

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