Social networks and clandestine love affairs

Clandestine love affairs by internet :

In recent years social networks have definitely change the way people communicate. We can have friends everywhere around the world and talk to them simultaneously. But it would be naive to think social networks only bring benefits and happiness.

Many couples claim their relationship has been harmed by social networks. Some of them put the direct blame on these websites; according to them, that is where their mates meet other people, and get involved in clandestine love affairs.

Most users in these internet sites have several virtual friends, many of which they do not meet personally. When these people meet, whether in chats or other media, they usually think they have found someone who actually thinks or feels like them, and so they get the delusion that they have found their ideal match by this means.

When this happens, one of the mates in the couple, whether him or her, will lose interest in the relationship and it will be more important for them to be online on social networks for hours, and so the relationship will deteriorate and even vanish.

Another typical situation where social networks harm couple relationships happens when people who have connected by this means decide to meet personally. Many of these clandestine encounters are not remotely known by the other mate and usually take place away from their mutual environs. By television broadcasts and newspapers we learn that some of these meetings have had unfortunate endings, such as kidnappings, thefts and even murders.

However, many people, especially younger ones, decide to have them because clandestine love affairs give them a rush of adrenaline and a sensation of danger that gives them pleasure.

Another reason why social networks encourage clandestine love affairs is that this is a media where we can meet all kinds of people. For example, some people feel comfortable with their couples, but want to experience new sensations with other people. Therefore, they use social networks to meet this kind of people and thus satisfy their wants.

A frequent case in social networks is the search for people who are willing to have sex with strangers. Some offer themselves as the person who will make these fantasies come true. They connect through the web and then actually consummate facts. Thus, thousands of clandestine love affairs happen around the world.

As you have read in this article, social networks increase the existence of clandestine love affairs. But, remember you always have the last word, and if you decide to start a clandestine relationship with any of your contacts in your favorite social network, you are entirely responsible for its consequences.

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