Last modified 09/19/2023

What types of professionals are mostly likely to find a job and success in the United States of America?

The most needed foreign professionals in usaThe most required professionals in the United States of America are related to engineering and health; for immigrants, it is not good enough to have a professional title obtained in their country of origin, but they also need a license to practice, which forces them to revalidate their studies.

Professional work force demand, professional title, license to practice, engineering field, health field.

The growth of the North American economy and its conversion into the world’s first economy has generated a demand in the professional working force, which has not been completely covered by North American citizens who have graduated from North American universities.

Before this lack, the North American government, from the year 1990, has been capturing accountants, system analysts, programmers, data base managers, web pages designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, scientists, architects, lawyers and financial analysts, giving them the H – 1B Visa for Temporal Professional Workers.

However, the situation has changed for every type of immigrants, including for professionals, due to national security and anti terrorist reasons. This situation has become even more serious for the economic crisis that is hitting the United States of America, and that has forced the government to help financially banks, insurance companies and car companies, through Financial Rescue Programs.

This aid is under the condition that they have as a priority to offer jobs to every professional that has the North American citizen status, which reduces down to zero the possibilities of the professional immigrants related to these fields.

Even when it is true that the crisis reduces the employment opportunities, the requirement of more professionals in the United States of America, goes according to the growth possibilities of each economic sector in the following years, for this, the North American Government, through the Office for National Statistics, has performed a series of studies, which conclude that in the following 10 years, every profession related to technology and computers, will be highly demanded in the working market. For the Department of Work, in the year 2010, 760 000 professionals in engineering will be required.

Nurses are another highly demanded group of professionals in the United States, required among the immigrants, because the demand gap is higher that the professionals offer that migrate from North American universities, due to the lack of interest shown in this profession by the North American students. This situation has been reported, inclusively, by the Nurse Association. It is estimated that for the year 2020, the lack of nurses will reach up to half a million of nurses.

Dental surgeons or dentists, also known as orthodontists, are highly demanded too, and they improve their offer if they are specialists in kids, as the Oral Health America shows.

There is also the requirement for a profession known as Doctor Assistant, for which a medical university title, a training course and approving the national exam is required, because they attend patients under the supervision of a doctor.

Been these professions the most required in the United States, the command of the English language will improve the professional immigrant’s opportunities to have success.

Summing up, the professional demand in the engineering and health fields in the United States of America, will always be higher than the offer of university graduates, which will allow the number of professionals who want to migrate to keep been high, but remember that to practice, they will require to study again and / or revalidate their studies, which will allow them to get the corresponding license.

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