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Falling in love with somebody rouse a lot of sensations and feelings that we’ve never thought before. When you’re falling in love, listen to a love song is wonderful and the night sky, the full moon and the stars are the perfect scenery.
Love can change our lives, it can help us to forget sadness and live happily. In some cases, love gives inspiration to people and they start writing songs and poems about love. Would you like to send a love poem to the person you love? Well, this is your lucky day.
Here you’ll find some short love poems. Choose the one you like and send it as SMS for the one you’re falling in love with.
Free list of love phrases:
:: “There’s just one idea in my mind
I try to get away of that but it’s impossible
Even though I travel to the farthest country
It will follow me
I do love you sweetheart
I can’t take you out my mind”
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:: “If the price of your love is my life
I will give it without feeling fear of die
The world has no sense for me
If I can’t be with you”
Category :short love messages
:: “Loving you is what makes me happy
And kissing you too
Hold my hand for a second
And tell me you feel the same for me”
Category :short love messages
:: “I fall in love with you without noticing
Every time we talked you got into my heart little by little
Now I know love exists, and you are the one for me
Look at my eyes and say you love me
And I’ll be the happiest girl in this universe”
Category :short love messages
:: “There are no rules for love
When you love somebody
Never mind if it’s day or night
When you love somebody
The only thing that matters
It’s to be happy together”
Category :short love messages
:: “I wish I could be with you right now
To look at your eyes and get lost inside them
To go to space and steal a star
To give you as a present of love”
Category :short love messages
:: “I’m a crazy man
Who doesn’t know anything
Who doesn’t say anything
The only thing I do
It’s thinking about you”
Category :short love messages
:: “If a genius will be in front of me
I would ask him just one wish
A happy life with you”
Category :short love messages
:: “You showed me the way to happiness
And there are no real obstacles for love
You showed me a kiss is wonderful when falling in love
And our love is not a simple illusion
For these and more
You’re the one I love”
Category :short love messages
:: “I don’t know where you belong
But I know you’re my princess
I don’t see wings in your back
But I know you’re an angel”
Category :short love messages
:: “You’re inside me
And that makes me happy
Being your girlfriend is fantastic
It’s like dreaming awake
In a beautiful paradise
For just you and me”
Category :short love messages
We hope these short love poems will express your feelings. Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how much you love him/her at anytime and anywhere. Do it and enjoy your love.

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