Marrying a Russian woman,Russian girls for marriage

Marrying Russians, their advantages over other women :
Marrying a Russian woman can be a nice and long term experience, they are very educated and polite women, independent wrestlers and beautiful .

But we know that there are good woman and also bad women, who are in search of living the “vida loca” and who are willing to flirt with men who have the financial means. 
Russia was for many years the leading country of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and therefore the country professing communism as a line of government where civil liberties were trampled until after 1990 gave the “perestroika”, Russian for the end of communism and the emergence of democracy in this country.

In this context Russian women were born, grew and developed and those experiences marked mainly those generations of women born in years of 50, 60 and 70 who had to demonstrated strength to endure the limitations and constraints imposed by the Russian state and not only economic policies, but as happened after 1990 when the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the economy collapsed with a frightening inflationary process left in the street without jobs or money to thousands of Russians, demonstrating that the situation of Russian women strength and capacity. 
Until then, the Western perception of Russian women presented them in their capacity as mothers and for having a common beauty, but the disintegration of the USSR allowed the flow of Russian women to the west, showing a unique beauty and it also allow the desire of men of the Western world for romantic relationships with these Russian beauties to emerge, but it also left a trail of concern of Russian women involved in prostitution networks worldwide. 
Language has always been a limiting factor to interact with Russian women, but the emergence of the Internet and virtual communities made possible the emergence of virtual communities for Russian women who are interested in beginning relationships with Western men, but also of international search clubs and meeting couples in Europe that showed Russian women as submissive women, without much prospect of personal development to get married, bear children and raise them to the world. 
Now, it is important getting to know which are the advantages that Russian woman of the generations of 50, 60 and 70’s have on the other European and American women that allow them to be chosen by a Western man as a wife, this is what we will develop as follows: 
• The Russian woman is a very independent woman, because from very young ages, because of poverty in which they lived, they had to make their own decisions, because they had no chance of having babysitters to look after her and, also, her parents had to work in order to be able to sustain their family. 
• The Russian woman is highly qualified, for university education was free in their country, allowing them to be able to develop professionally and this is what hopes, many of them are doctors, lawyers, engineers or scientists. 
• The Russian woman due to strong anti-religious policy and political indoctrination of communist rule, have learned to hide their religious faith, becoming believers but not practicing their religion. 
• The Russian woman pays close attention to their physical appearance and do not represent many times the age that they actually have. 
Russian women for generations of the 80’s to the 90’s are young women under 30 who are most willing to do anything to have money to spend and they are very materialistic. 
In short, marrying a Russian woman requires essentially to be honest in all aspects and not believing everything they might say, because there are many types of women all over the world, good and bad, and they could be just looking for a millionaire husband to spend all of his money.

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