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Why do companies prefer to hire single women :

Nowadays, women are an important part of labor force in each society. However, the companies’ preference to hire single women has caused a debate to know the real reasons for this decision by companies.

According to most entrepreneurs, having single women in their companies guarantees they will be committed to their work. Therefore, the requirements to be hire are quite demanding, as they must work late, travel on short notice and attend long meetings, so single women must be hired.

Another reason why companies prefer to hire single women is that they are a smaller expense for companies. If they hire mothers, companies must spend more on their workers (school bonus, family benefits, nursing, etc.) Also, they must let their workers have some free time to take their children to medical examinations, to go to PTA meetings at school, to review legal affairs regarding their children, and other similar situations which could arise during working hours.

Besides these reasons why companies prefer to hire single women, there is the available time the latter have for updating their careers. Many companies spend a part of their profits in its employees’ education. In most cases, single women attend these training sessions with no inconveniences, while women with a family do not because of their domestic chores.

Another factor in the companies’ preference in hiring single women is the fact that the latter are willing to make significant changes in their routines, like travelling to overseas branches or working in shifts with no trouble. Generally, women with children find it hard to take those working responsibilities.

In Latin America countries like Mexico, a survey was carried out in a universe of 10 000 entrepreneurs. 54% of them said they had no intention of hiring women who had children, while the previous year (2010) that percentage was 37%. Many of these entrepreneurs declare the reason they do not want to take on women who have children is that the latter are not totally committed to their work because of their domestic responsibilities.

For all the above and other reasons, companies prefer women who do not have children. Although it is well known that single women are the ideal women to be hired by companies, there are many women with children whose working performance is more than optimal and efficient.

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