How to uninstall hidden programs in win vista

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According to the pass of time and to the use of the computer, our amount of installed programs increases, is very probable that many of the programs that we have installed are not even been used, we might have even installed programs to test them and we never opened them again.

The worst part of this is that we have them installed in our hard drive, occupying valuable space that can be used for programs we would actually use and not only that, but after certain time our machine  becomes slower, due to the amount of files Windows must load before the system begins.

This is a very common situation all over the world. For example, in the domestic environment, when kids or the youth are very fond of computer games and they try to install every single game they see, also for those who use their computer to perform work tests, such as teachers, who must always be testing new programs to improve learning or new pedagogic methods, there is also the development environment where each day a new software has to be tested to be able to improve the work quality.

This is why most computers tend to have this problem, because there is a lack of an equilibrated control, which makes the system lose stability, making our job tougher. But, in order to be able to solve this, the most adequate solution must be found. Many newbies might be thinking that the easies and quickest way implies erasing all the folders that are not been used, without controlling or even knowing that is inside of them, this could case tremendous damages in the system, in the best scenario, it would increase storage space, but not as much as the adequate way would do, because it will leave a terrible mess, for having rests of the programs spread in the hard drive, which in the long term causes bigger problems.

To do a successful program removal, we have to know that, when installing new programs in our computer, these are not limited to create a folder in which they copy their files, but they can also chance the content of the manufacturer, a change that we might never discover, which is why you should never try to erase a program deleting the folders, because that could cause massive problems in the system. 

To perform an adequate program removing process, we will click the Start menu, select the Control Panel and then we will look for an icon that says Add or Remove Program. When selecting an option, we will have to wait until the program list loads, so we can see every single program installed in our computer, with a short description that includes its name, icon and program size. Then we select the program we are going to remove and we select the option, this way we will be eliminating programs correctly, without affecting our system or its stability.

This good video shows how to uninstall hidden programs in Windows :