How to attract and date women

Free tips to seduce a woman:  

The first step to seduce a woman is finding out what the woman searches or is searching for on a man. For the most of the men, it is totally a mystery or an enigma about the concept or the meaning of the word “seduction”.

However, it is understandable, because the men and the women are so different that is really difficult for the most of us to understand deeply and successfully to the opposite sex. 

The basic key to successfully seduce a woman is not a simple list where you can go on a mark each option with a check; otherwise, the key to seduce her is more like a guide-book which you should follow step by step. So the key to seduce a woman is easier than you have ever imagined before. I can assure you that. 

It is important to have knowledge of the differences between both sexes, male and female, because it will allow us to count with a better base and knowledge about the female sex, so, that way, once you were able of penetrate in the girl’s mind, all of this will be a piece of cake for you. 

By the other hand, the communication between each other may be one of the keys to conquest and seduce a woman, so this way, the good and effective communication is a requirement to be a success, because from the communication and the interaction with the woman you can obtain a better and useful information and knowledge about her. Then your plan of seduction will achieve the expected results. 

Another important aspect is the patience that you will need when you are trying to seduce a woman, so if you show yourself in a hurry, then it can throw to the garbage-can any achievement and the information about your girl will decrease. So it is important to take it slowly and of course being patient you will make it, because the women likes a man that takes the necessary time to seduce them, likewise, there are woman that hates the fact when a man do not think about her seriously and take the relationship lightly, without the respective importance.

A woman needs to know that the man who she is dating is not only looking for sex but something beyond that and a good proof of that is when a man takes the necessary time to know the woman. 

At the end, every single lady likes to feel important and special, which is why, a very romantic man makes her feel really good, or at least the most of them, so, if you want to seduce a woman then you must be someone romantic because it will show to the lady that you really care about her, that you want to make her feel good and that you know exactly what to say and what to do at the right  time when you are with a lady, so, the romantic process will be effective and your plan to seduce her will be a great success.

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