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free examples of beautiful love wishes, download beautiful love messagesHow to conquer your neighbor

It is very common that a girl in your neighborhood have a lot of your attention, indeed, most of us have been attracted by a neighbor and more with the newly moved.

If right now you are attracted to a neighbor, but you don’t know what to say to her, here we give you some orientation.

In this section we will show many ways in which you can reach her heart from the beginning, first making contact so that then she can pretend and finally fall in love with you. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

A chance encounter

The first step you must take to conquer your neighbor is show up and start talking. You must plan well that first encounter so that everything seems fortuitous.

You must study well their schedules, how many time stays out of the house and what time and when does she return; so you can prepare every detail for the meeting and become successful. Do not forget to say hello and ask her something simple.

You have to ask how she is, or what place she uses to go, you will see that you will gain her confidence as well. But be careful and do not abuse this technique because she might feel harassed.

Things in Common

Look to friends or connections you have in common with her and realize what she really enjoys. So if you ask for her favorite movie or what movie is she expecting to see, you can take the chance of ask her out with this purposes.

As well, if you realize which her favorite kind of music is, you can get a shirt or any other thing to get her attention and have an opportunity to dialogue.

Improve your classy style and works

Most women are very observant and fall in love with men who dress well and impress with its size. Rest assured that your neighbor is one of them. You can cause an impact, wearing the best clothes you have and of course taking care of your personal appearance, shave well, use a very masculine fragrance cologne and stay neat.

The online fan

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, so research what is her account and create yourself one if you do not have, in order to make her know you are her admirer, which can contact online, send romantic notes and try to contact her in chat.

You will see what you want to communicate by chatting is easier could even dare to ask her out to have her first date or say how much you like it.

The good friend

Once you are confident with her if you’re not sure to make a decision and move forward in the relationship, you might show interest in the things that concern her and so she will see you as a mature person she can trust and depend on.

If she seeks your advice, give encouragement and above all listen to what she says carefully. But do not make the mistake of becoming a “servant”, otherwise you will be labeled in the dreaded “friend zone”

With these techniques you will achieve security to conquer your neighbor who drives you crazy. Remember to always act with confidence.

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