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Valentine’s Day is a very special day in which everyone wants to enjoy beautiful moments with their partner. The arrival of this day is eagerly awaited by the couples and bride and grooms all around the world who choose to take an important step in their courtship or simply use this day to live beautiful moments.
You can make this Valentine’s Day a special day for the love of your life. Dedicate some nice words through Whatsapp expressing the immense happiness you feel thanks to their love.
Check this list below for WhatsApp messages on the day of love, choose the one you like the most and dedicate it to the owner of your love to remind him or her how big is your love.
Free list of valentine’s day messages for WhatsApp:
:: “Today is a beautiful day as we celebrate the day of love and thanks to you I know this wonderful feeling that drives me to be better just to see you happy. I love you with all my heart my darling”.
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:: “Only with you by my side I feel complete and happy. Today I want to celebrate the day of love without material gifts, for the love we feel for each other is the best present we can have”.
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:: “When I am with you I feel great joy, you give me all I need to feel good. I never thought I could come to love someone so much, you inspire the best feelings in me. I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “In this day of love I want us to live beautiful moments that will remain engraved in our memory for a lifetime. We are very fortunate because our love is so great that it will never end”.
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:: “For me every day is Valentine’s Day because you are always giving me details and doing something to surprise me. You are the source of all my happiness”.
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:: “I feel that having your love is the best gift I have received, among the many guys who were after you, I was the lucky one who could conquer your heart. Every day that goes by I fall more and more in love with you. Many congratulations on Valentine’s Day my princess”.
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:: “When I saw you for the first time, I had a sweet feeling telling me that you were the woman I had always dreamed of. I know that fate wanted us to be together and so enabled us to meet and discover this beautiful feeling. Happy Day of Love”.
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:: “I would like to make days longer so we could be more hours together, you have become the person that I love and who I want to be all my life with. I love you my prince”.
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:: “I Valentine’s Day many boyfriends try to give a lot of details to their girlfriends, however you always surprise me with nice details every day of the year, so I love you with all my heart, mind and strength”.
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We hope you liked these Valentine’s Day messages to send by Whatsapp. Dedicate one of them to your sweetheart and they will feel great happiness.
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