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Free TV – FOX  download:

If you are part of those people who spend most of their time sitting in front of their computers searching the web and use Firefox, well now you will have another reason to stay sit in your chair. This is about an add – on that can be included in the Firefox explorer called TV – FOX; this complement is only compatible with the Windows operative system, because it needs a plug – in that the program Windows Media Player possesses.
This complement is completely free and it has an excellent service with great quality, which has many options at an international level in which you can find channels among a wide range of options, as well as different settings to be able to access to various languages. It also provides the option to search according to a particular gender or interest.

As it is already known, streaming is one of the ways to catch the signal of radio stations that have their sites in the web; well, the TV – FOX software works in the same way, by synchronizing the television stations’ signals from all over the world, which will give us as a result tons of networks from various categories.

However, this service counts with some defects that have not been able to be controlled, like, for example: a little bit of slowness in the signal or that some T.V. stations are temporarily unavailable; but, besides all of there, the quality is sensational. The TV – FOX is presented as the perfect component for the Firefox explorer, in which you can find any kind of information at any hours during the day, which goes from comedies, sports, news, shows, music, movies, kitchen, etc., and the best part of it all is that we can perform our tasks without having to leave our navigator.

To be able to install this add – on in our Internet explorer, we have to download it from this link:, once we have installed it, we need to restart our navigator and we will see a new icon on our toolbar in which we will see the service of “World’s Online T.V.”. By clicking this icon, we will obtain a series of different categories according the gender, language and country.

Besides from this, it offers the option of been able to show web cameras of various places of the Earth from television or radio studios, up to even been able of watching the transit in Israel, live!
This complement is also included in the search engines, because it adds up the option of searching for some video that has different sources of multimedia data, as, Wikipedia, search, Torrents, etc. This means that we will only have to write down the name of the video we are looking for in the search bar and it will provide us with the most precise search results found in these pages.

The only requirements are to have the Windows operative system installed and, also, the Firefox explorer; without letting aside that we must also count with the latest update of the Windows Media Player, because it uses a plug in that is necessary to run the player. But, there is also a complement for those who do not have the Windows Media Player, known as the “MPlayerplug – in”, this is a complement used, specially, in Linux and it can be downloaded from this link:


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