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To seduce a woman it is important the kind of attitude you posses, so, that way, if a man counts with a positive attitude then he will have more possibilities of attracting or catching the attention of women, with a man with a negative attitude the opposite will happen. So the positive attitude is shown in every little thing you do and say and the same happens when you have a negative attitude or when you are pessimist.


Definitively, the women prefer to choose the men with a great spirit and a positive attitude against the life. 

All of these are debt when a person counts with a positive attitude; it shows the level of confidence and respect with your own personality, as we saw previously, the respect and the confidence in yourself are really important facts in life. Likewise, a positive attitude has an influence over the feelings of the people around us.

For example… have you ever share a work time with a partner who is complaining the most of the time and has a negative attitude? Well, if this is your case, then, when you spend so many time with that negative partner, don’t you feel like your own personality became more negative and irritable little by little? Well then, there is a possibility that this happened to us at some point in our life, which is why we have to turn the page and feel and try to show a positive attitude against the life.

Remember always this, if you want to give a good impression in front of a woman, then you must avoid to showing a negative attitude or a attitude full of pain and sadness, because that will freak her out and none of what was planned to seduce her will work, the most important is that you must feel good with yourself so you can also make feel good to the other person by your side, so this way, you are going to show the same feelings you are looking for.

If you do not have positive vibrations, the other person will think about you as a negative person full of hate and sadness and she will get away from you easily.

Another very important aspect is that the women are looking for stable men, for that reason, they will analyze your stability depending on the kind of job you posses. It does not mean that if you are not an astronomer you are discard, what we are trying to mean is that if you change of job very often or if you get fired of each work because of your negative attitude and instability.

So the woman will realize that you do not know what you really want and she will think over and over before she get involved with you. Keep always this in mind; the women, or at least the most of them, are looking for a stable relationship, a true couple, a relationship 50- 50, where both of you will think the same way and give to the relationship exactly the same, they would never want someone less than them.

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