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As I did for that guy I like to ask me out. Conquer strategy :  
For the boy I like to ask me out, I used a single strategy, which is reflected in one sentence, out to conquer.  
How many times has it happened to us? The guys that we like do not even look at us, even though we make every human effort to get their attention, we wear a killer miniskirt, we dye our hair, we change the way it looks, but he just does not notice any of these, whether he does not like us at all or he is just too stupid to realize that we are melting for him.


But, why is it that men do not learn that a girl will die for them unless someone else tells them directly? It is because, in their training, man believes that he is the only one entitled to conquer someone else’s heart, which is why in his condition of “prince charming”, he must be the one to make the first move by asking a girl out, so his “small and archaic mind” simply ignores all the signals sent to them by a girl.  
But those days are soon going to be over, because nowadays women must learn to conquer, so then she does not spend her life regretting she did not. The first step is to ask him out, you feel shame, well yes, but that is just at the beginning, anything that means some pain must be worth something at all.  
But before getting started, you should not forget that the difficult part of asking out a guy is not getting an affirmative answer to your request, but dealing with the aggressive attitude that many men adopt when they get a girl’s invitation, because they truly believe they are about to have the time of their lives.  
First of all, it is not necessary for you to dress up, is highly recommended for you to be specific in the invitation to avoid any kind of misunderstandings. I invite you to the movies, I invite you to eat, let’s dance, let’s walk through the city center; we walk through the park, going to listen to music, etc. Because if you are not sufficiently clear and concise, men may have something else in mind and you could end up taking a nasty surprise on your first date. Remember to avoid having a straight face, smile! I assure you will look better.  
In second place, before settle down some talking topics that will lead you to find out what are his musical tastes, his personal expectations, what he thinks of love, if he shares some of your hobbies, etc. Basically, trying to establish ties of mutual interest and appeal of the man who you invited.  
In the third place, state that the invitation is entirely up to you, so there is no discussion on who pays the bill, but that he is free to treat you on your second night out.  
Recommendation for all the girls that are planning to ask a guy out: always try to go to crowded places, never think to invite them to your home or taking them in your car if you have one, oh and do not have sex on first date, because that guy will probably never take you seriously if you do so.  
Psychologists say that men can bear to be invited once, and that two times is out of the question for them, because their ego of conquerors would feel aggrieved, hence the need to build bridges of mutual interest to make the next invitation to come from the man.  

In short, girls who ask guy out should never forget that they will be the exception to the rule, and that the first impression they will get, will be amazed man eyes.

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