Excellent Tips To Seduce a Girl Using Facebook

seduction tips, seduction advices, seduction ideasMaking a girl to fall in love using Facebook

One of the sites that have more registered users is Facebook, internationally known. Here people put their personal data and also can write statements, upload their photos and even conquer some girls.

There are many people who found her match and finally met and had an affair. Do you think you can make a girl to fall in love with you through this site? Well there are many cases that if a guy is interested in a beautiful woman he will use the famous Facebook site.

Lines below you will find some ways to make a girl to fall in love with you through this well known social network.


Through having the Facebook chat, you can talk to her, and begin to know some more about her, what she likes, you can also find watch her by video and to check if she is connected or not. When you enter to your Facebook, see if she is on line so you can greet her first.

You know that women love to care about them, so don’t forget to ask how her day was and in that way you will achieve many things. Remember that while she is talking to you is better you to don’t interrupt because she could feel uncomfortable.


In Facebook there is a section that all users like, these are the albums and photos that you can hang or you can tag, if you want the girl you want to conquer to fall in love with you, tag her in images where you show her how much you love her.

There are some pages related to love within Facebook, so there you can find some poem or dedications where you can share with her and also tag her so she will feel very flattered by you.

You Tube

Through this channel you can find several romantic videos, analyze the lyrics and if you feel it reflects the love you feel for her, do not hesitate and tag her, even writing something directed at her, like this ” everything he says in this song goes for you, with love “, you don’t know how much she will like it and how all her friends will begin to give some comments.

Write about her photos

Do not forget that a girl always likes to be told how beautiful she is, so in the pictures where she is write something nice like: ” how beautiful you are ” ” you got that look is awesome ” ” you look like a doll ” etc..


A girl loves to always be thinking about it, so you should never stop putting on something on your Facebook, for example, you can write some cute thought on your wall or write a poem suddenly done for you on your Facebook wall.

Also within Facebook, there are singers who publish pages or thoughts of love, advantage; find one you like most and tag her to make her feel excited. Do not forget to be spontaneous, light and easy to write, especially be honest and see that everything will be as you want.

With these tips you now know which are the most recommended ways to make a girl to fall in love with you through Facebook. So if you want to do it is totally up to you.

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