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The celebration of 15 years old is quite an event desired by all girls. They look very excited that day comes and you want to celebrate your fifteen years old party with their family and friends.

Who is responsible for making this dream a reality are the parents, because they make many adjustments in their expenditure to carry out the party, they have to make necessary arrangements for food, local, music, etc., so that your daughter can enjoy a beautiful party with all the guests.

Since your parents are the ones who gave you care since birth and now have done everything to fulfill your dream, you must dedicate a few words to thank them for their hard work. To help you to express your feelings for all the love you get, in this section we present some examples of message of gratitude to my parents in your fifteen years old party.

Free list of thanks messages on my 15 years old party:

– “This day has been the most anticipated since I was a kid; it is a great blessing to be with you to celebrate my 15 years old. This big party is real thanks to the efforts of you. I thank you for all you have done for me and I am very happy to have you on my side in this wonderful celebration. “
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– “I want to thank especially my father and my mother for all the care you have given me since I was born. Celebrating my 15 years old is the greatest joy I have ever received and I’m sure I will never get disappointed. I love you so much. “
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– “I want to thank all the people who are accompanying me on this day, my friends, family and especially my beloved parents. I am aware that they have made a great effort to make this day the best of my life and I really am very grateful to you. I am very proud to be his daughter, thanks for everything. “
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– “I am a very happy girl and it’s thanks to my dad and my mom. You have given me great love and every day made me feel very special. I thank God for being born in such a loving home and so tender godfathers. Thanks for making my dream reality celebrating my fifteen years. “
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– “The celebration of my 15 is the greatest gift my parents have given me. Thank you very much for everything, you have worked hard to make me feel so happy. Thank you very much for making this a memorable day for me. “
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– “I feel such a great emotion that I think I cannot hold back the tears. My fifteen years old party was always my dream and now a reality thanks to my parents. I thank you very much to them for the great love they have shown me. This day we will never forget. “
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– “Dear parents, I love you with all my heart and want you to know you are the greatest treasure that God has given me. With your help I am enjoying this wonderful celebration. I never tire of thanking you for all you have always given me. “
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– “I thank all of you for honoring me with your presence; I especially thank my parents for making it all for my fifteen party a reality. I always had high hopes of celebrating this day and I am extremely happy to be living this dream. I love you with all my soul Dad and Mom. “
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– “The greatest dream of my life is coming true today. None of this would have been possible if it was not for my parents. I love you with all my heart because you have worked hard to do anything to see me happy, I will never forget this day. I will always love them and I will be very proud of me.”
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– “Mom and Dad, you are the people I love most and every day I thank the Lord for having you with me. I always hoped to have a spectacular fifteen year old party and now I have no words to describe the feelings that fill my heart. I am deeply grateful to you. “
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The messages which express gratitude to your parents have to be very sincere. You can use one of these phrases for you to customize and tell them your feelings more naturally.

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