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Birthday phrases, birthday sms, birthday thoughtsNice messages for a Father on his birthday

If on your father’s birthday you usually express everything you feel for him, he will feel very happy and excited. Make your father feel really happy to have a son or a daughter who makes an effort to give him such lovely details on his special day.
Do you want to send a message full of love to your father for his birthday? In this section you can find a lot of congratulation messages full of affection for your father who is celebration his birthday, choose one of the following and send it to him through his Facebook wall or via Twitter, Whatsapp or a text message.
You do not know how happy he will be to read it.
Free list of nice messages for a Father on his birthday:
:: “Today is the day of your birthday and so I want you to enjoy your day to the fullest, you don’t know how much I love you and I want to tell you that I am very proud of you dad, happy day”.
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:: “Since I was small you have always been like my hero, you have taught me so much and protected me from so many dangers, I never want to be separated from you, you are the best, happy birthday”.
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:: “Today I wish you a happy birthday dear father, you are the person who has always made my problems go away and made me laugh at the worst times of my life, I love you dad”.
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:: “I am so proud of you, of your effort to become an ever better person, a better husband, a better professional and above all a good father to us every day, so today you deserve something special for your special day, happy birthday with love”.
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:: “Today we are all together celebrating the day in which a beautiful baby was born who is now my father, a father who I love with all my heart, thank you for all the love you have always given me, I wish you a happy birthday”.
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:: “You are an exemplary father, everything you taught me you did it with love, that helped me in life to become the person who I am now, although I grew up I am still your little one, happy birthday dear father”.
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:: “Thank God I had a father like you, you never left my side, you were always my confidant and tried to see me laugh even in my worst moments, you made my life an joy eternal, happy birthday”.
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:: “I want to continue sharing this and many more birthdays by your side, I will always admire you for all your dedication to us since we were born, you loved us and mom so much and that is why we adore you and wish you a very happy birthday”.
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:: “I know that the distance is between us but that will not stop me from sending you all my love through this message, I wish you a beautiful birthday, I love you so much dad”.
Category :birthday messages for a Father
The message you send to your dad will make him have a spectacular birthday, as expressions of love speak louder than the material gifts.
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