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A way of transport which was growing up very much over the last decades are the ships or cruises. This way of transport has been become very popular about luxury travel. Before, the ships only been worked for traveling but now the cruises, which these are named to the luxury ships, have the task to give joy to the crew with the comfort and the fun that they offer, making this experience unforgettable, no matter if it doesn’t take us from one point to another, the most exciting of this is have a little ride into the seas and make stops in several places, people always is happy.
Things changed, and now one of the desires of any person who works in customer care is work in a cruise. There are many cruise companies that make your dreams come true, sending qualified people to travel around the world when they are working in these desired cruises. For example “Carnival”, it is an american cruises company which have different destination places like Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, etc. their ships are very luxurious and have different fun activities like sport court, casinos, dancing clubs, hairdressing, etc.
Is very important that the postulants know how to get this kind of job and know how to qualify to them. In a ship the most demanded jobs are the staff ones because the various places that the cruise have like playing place, bars, ship maintenance offices. And for the professionals, there is command jobs or like Capitan.
Now the most demanded jobs in a cruise are the cuisine chef. Specialized to enchant the palate of the members of the crew and also of the ship workers. So if you are a gastronomy student, you have great opportunities to work in these nice ships. A large number of people who helps with the cleaning is also demanded, salesmen and people who can handle the bars. Professionals like translators, photographers actors and musicians are also very needed for this kind of cruises.
In each country there are a lot of types of customer care offices which we can get precise information about our cruises. If we want to travel or just want to get a job, the only thing that we must do is to call or go to the office. But don’t forget, you must to be a high qualified professional in productivity to have great chances to be hired in the cruise.
So, you know now that if you have the objective to know a cruise from inside and have the luck to know the beautiful stops in spectaculars ports of other countries, without the resource enough to go as a tourist, you can use the option of postulate to one of the jobs that the cruises offers, you must to feel capable to do those jobs. We wish you luck and we hope that you could find a job there.
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