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What is the best love message?,What are the love messages?,What is the most romantic saying?,How do I tell my boyfriend I love him over text?Shorten distances with beautiful details like this one. It is difficult to have the loved one away from you, however, it is not impossible to build a solid relationship and be able to face all adversity.

Do not feel sad if at this moment you cannot be close to that special person, nobody said it would be easy to build a love from afar, but I tell you something, it is not impossible.

We have made these original love quotes that we present below, so you can share them with that special person, to feel the warmth of his/her heart closer.

Download free I love you when you are far away

– “What a beautiful love, what a beautiful feeling it is the one that I have inside me. I promise to be back very soon to love and pamper you. Remember that I will be thinking all the time about you. I love you“.
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– “I cannot be happier if it is not by your side. You make me so good, everything that is born of you, your energy, your power and magic make me happy, and explore the best sides of me. I love you”.
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– “Today a wall separates us, so my life, I tell you that time and space is relative especially when there is as much love as we have you and me. You are my whole life“.
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– “The success of our relationship is that we always have to put the positive side of life, the energy that is needed to be happy. As much as we are far away, I tell you that I love you with all my strength. “
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– “Thanks for being by my side; even so, we cannot physically be in the same space. You are my strength, my desire to fight constantly in this hostile world. I love you”.

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I miss you so much my love text messages

– “It’s amazing how despite the distance, from the tests that life gives us every day, you have the magic of being able to make me blush with every detail. I love you”.
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– “You have the perfect word, the exact dose to calm me down and make me see things from another point of view. Despite the distance that separates us today, life unites us with a single feeling “.
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– “In your hands you have my whole life, and even though we are not in the same space, you know that my heart belongs to you, and that I only have eyes for you. I love you”.
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– “I never imagined being able to love the way I do. I feel the ability to wait in silence if necessary, to be able to stand the distance and always say ‘I love you’ with hope. “
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– “What else do you need me to do so that you understand how much I love you? For you a thousand poems a day, a song in the morning, the calm you need, and my infinite desire to love you. “
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– “Life smiles at me since you’re in my life. You are perfection, you are true, you are my whole desire to conquer the whole world. I love you and you already know it. “
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– “Thanks to life, for all the wonderful people that surround me, for the infinite desire to love and that I can channel it with you. I love you so much“.
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Did you feel identified with some of these messages? We hope it was like that. Shorten distances with these lines, and hopefully you would feel closer to your loved one. Until another chance!

romantic & charming text messages for girlfriend
Nice messages for my girlfriend
who is far away

If you have to travel, for business or study reasons and your girlfriend can not go with you, you might feel very sad and you will notice her absence really bad.

If you intend to be away for a long period of time these feelings are even more painful.

It is important that despite being away you always have special details to strengthen your relationship with your girl, because otherwise your life with her can be affected.

In addition to call or talk to her on the chat you can spend some nice words on her wall to make her feel you are awaiting to see her again and so, prove that so many miles between you two are not enough to destroy what you have built, the love you feel for her is more stronger than anything.

In this article we present a list of dedications to your girlfriend when I’m traveling. Choose the one you like and dedicate it so she will know that you love and miss her.
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Download best love messages for my girlfriend who is far away

– “Many miles separate us, but it will never be enough to stop loving you. Never forget my love, that you’re the most important thing and I have this beautiful feeling for you which will never change. “
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– “All these months you have helped me to realize that my love for you is bigger than I imagined. I had never loved this way so I keep telling me missing days to see you again. “
Category :I miss you my love quotes

– “Every day memories come to my mind about the wonderful times I spent with you, you’re the best that I have and despite the distance I love you more than ever.”
Category :I miss you my love quotes

– “Remember Love, all the effort I’m making is to have a better life in the future. The time will pass quickly and these days being away from each other will only remain in our memories. I love you so much my love. “
Category :I miss you my love quotes

– “The days go slowly because you’re not by my side. I would drop everything and go where you are, but you know I can not. I will be patient because the day when I can hold you in my arms again will come soon. “

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Romantic quotes for my girlfriend

– “I am committed to all the things I promised to you. You’re the most beautiful girl of all and I have no eyes for anyone else. Keep waiting sweetheart, I will be back soon. “
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– “Being away for a while is only useful to show everyone that our love is true, ours is more than an illusion.”
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– “It’s not easy to be separated from you, I do really need you, my love. But we just have to wait patiently for the day when we meet again because I will never be apart from you. “
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– “Neither distance nor anything will make me to stop loving you, you’re the best thing that happened on my life. Your love is the only thing that allows me to continue every day because I know that after returning from this trip you’ll have me again. I love you so much my princess. “
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– “I still remember the taste of your lips, the last time we met I told you back as soon as possible and it will be because I love you with all my strength. You are and always be my one and only love.”
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Romantic phrases you should say so your love

– “You do not know how much I feel your absence, so far do not see how I can live without feeling your kisses and caresses, I think the only thing keeping me up is the illusion of seeing you again.”
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– “You fill my life with happiness and although we are physically away my heart is by your side. There is not a single minute I keep thinking of you, soon I will go with to your side because I think I will go crazy without you. “
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– “I knew I was going to miss her, but I never imagined how difficult it would be being away from you. There is missing a few days to see us and I don’t want us to ever separate again. “
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– “A great distance separates us, but there is nothing greater than the love I feel for you. Never think that I’ve stopped loving you, because you are my reason for living. “
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– “I have a great fear of losing my princess. It might have a great distance between you and me, but my love for you is as strong as ever.
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– “What I most hope is that the days fly by and can return to see you again. I wish to remind you that the love I have for you is stronger than any distance. This trip will be over soon and we can be close together to love as ever. “
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Go ahead and dedicate some of these messages to your girlfriend so she will know that you miss her. Let her know that the distance has not changed your feelings and you remain loving her as before.

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