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If you are interested in winning a girl, then you should do it in a creative way, by something clever, because women are tired of the same speech that is always used, they want something new, something genuine. So if you have someone in mind, get to work and you will have more chances to reach out and achieve your objective of love. It is important to consider many factors that play a part in this dance of conquest.

So, if you call her attention in a positive way, then surely you will achieve to generate enough interest for her to want to go out with you and have a wonderful and unforgettable evening. Dare to use the resources you that technology has provided you, as they bring you closer to anyone at any time. We incline that you use WhatsApp as it allows you to be available at all times. The following are examples for you succeed without a problem.

Free examples of seduction texts for whatsapp:

:: “I have had the chance to detach myself from the earth and stroll through the heavens, I have seen it all and I have known a lot, but never someone like you; someone who can make me react, focus my attention and my everything. You are wonderful and have me fascinated and that is the truth. Therefore, I would like nothing more than you being encouraged in going out on a date with me. I promise to be the perfect gentleman, I just want an opportunity to show you what I am made of. “
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:: “I imagine you hear this all the time, but it is the truth, you are an angel from heaven and you have surprised me very much, at first I even thought I had died and gone to heaven. Not only can you look beautiful, but also seem to be a pretty humble and simple person, so I would love to go out with you for a walk, so that we get to know each other. “
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:: “There is something very nice that makes me smile every time I think: you. Forgive me if I am crossing a limit by telling you this, that is why I preferred to do it this way, to perhaps be less intrusive and that you decide if you want to answer or not. I like you a lot and am interested in us knowing each other more deeply. “
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:: “With the utmost sincerity I tell you that I feel like an idiot, because we know each other for a long time now, but I really never evaluated how incredibly beautiful you are. It is as if a vision had ridden between my eyes and the world, because now you are the only thing there is in my mind. “
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:: “If we pay enough attention and we appreciate things, we realize how nice all the things around us are. That happened to me, I was walking aimlessly until I saw you, expecting nothing, without claiming anything, I just saw you and it was like you established a before and after, because now all I want is to hold you close forever. I really like you. “
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:: “I do not know if you have ever heard of an aurora borealis. It is a magical phenomenon that happens in remote places, it is unique and wonderful, and you make me remember that. “
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:: “I am so happy since I wake up until I go to sleep, to be able to perform thousands of activities, but my favorite you must already know is going to work, because I know you will always be there in your messy cubicle, where you do your magic, and I fall in love with you. “
Category: seduction texts for whatsapp

:: “The Lord has created everything we see and feel, his power could not be bigger. I believe He created you personally because never in my life have I seen such a wonderful creature like you, my life. You are simply stunning. “
Category: seduction texts for whatsapp

You will see how this kind of messages will be very helpful for you to begin to conquer the girl who makes you happy and WhatsApp is a great chance for communicating them. Come back any time, remember that we keep our website updated with more content for you. May you have good luck and patience, it will help you with everything.

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