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You feel that you are happy and that next to that person you have everything you could have ever wanted. However, when you start feeling comfortable, somehow you begin taking things for granted, perhaps you forget a little about the value that it really has for you and start giving priority to other activities in your life, not sharing much time with her and without looking as you did before.

Then, by seeing this lack of interest on your side, feeling somewhat left behind and obfuscated with you, she leaves you and it is in that moment where you realize the mistake you made by not giving her the place she deserves in your life.

As of that moment when you understand the seriousness of the situation, you will not cease to regret your actions, until you get to the point where you decide to start doing something to get her back, get back to being happy by her side.

So stop whining, stop thinking about what did not happen and start focusing on what can still be done and what can happen, if you do things right and you apologize appropriately, promising that the relationship can still be saved and that you will do everything you can to make that happen. We offer you two models of loving messages to give you an idea of how to do it, read them and choose the one that fits best to your particular situation.


I am writing to let you know how I feel, the pain that this mistake has left in me, but especially the big hole that was left in my life since you left. I cannot believe that all of this had to happen, that I had to hurt you like that, to realize how wrong could I have been, to see that I was not giving you even half of what you deserve and need, and to see that I was a asshole and that simply, what you did was all that I deserved.

In part I am grateful that you have opened my eyes, that you are a woman who demands to be respected is one of the things I admire most about you. Today I have not come to excuse myself or justify my behavior, because for treating you like I did, the truth is that there is no possible excuse to justify what I did, I was a scoundrel.

I swear I have taken the time to think and reflect upon it, and I felt so bad that I could not conceive you going through all of that again. I swear if you give me one more chance everything will be different, my only goal would be your happiness and I would give you all the love you deserve. I adore you.


I am surrendered at your feet, I beg you to please can forgive me. Now I see what an idiot I was, I failed not only you, but also the promise that we had made to each other, in which we swore that in our relationship trust and communication would be the most important aspects, along with love. It has been some time since you left me and you have no idea how lonely and desolate I have been feeling, it is as if even the food had lost its flavor and life no longer had the same shades of color, without you everything is the same to me, everything is of color gray.

I know that what I am about to ask you is not easy, especially after everything that happened, but if I do it is because I truly believe that if we give ourselves another chance, then we will be invincible, nothing will be able to defeat us, because I swear I have learned a lot with all this bad things that have happened. I want you to let me amend my mistake with you, show you that I have changed and that, when there is love, all obstacles can be overcome. I love you infinitely.

Through the previous models you will let him or her know how much you love them and that you regret everything bad you made them go through. Remember, love can wear off if you do not pay the due attention it requires, if you do not feed it and you do not care about it.

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