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It is said death is a necessary evil, because without it people would not have eternal rest or peace. There is so much danger in life that many people day every day for several causes, whether accidents, sicknesses, crimes or others.

Sooner or later we will all die and so will people around us. If you have lost someone dear, you know what death is. Sometimes our friends lose someone they love. What can we tell a friend who is grieving a relative or someone dear?

In this article you will find some condolence phrases for a friend. These words will surely help you soothe the sadness.

Condolences messages
for a friend

:: “On such a painful moment, you must show you have learned what he taught you, like being strong in difficult times.”
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:: “This is one of the saddest days; but remember that God wanted it this way. Feel at ease because his soul rests in peace.”
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:: “His departing this world saddens us all. Let us remember him as someone who always wanted the best for us. My deepest condolence.”
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:: “We are all sad because he is no longer with us. Life must go on and we must follow our ways so that he feels proud in heaven because we could get up and continue without him.”
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Sympathy quotes
for friends

:: “We will always miss him; we will always remember his smile. Today is a sad day because he has gone to heaven. We will surely shed some tears today because we are sad, but tomorrow we must gather ourselves and look at life with optimism.”
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:: “He had a very happy sojourn in this world. He enjoyed life the most he could and lived in peace with the people he loved. He now rests in peace and will take care of you from heaven in every step you take.”
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:: “I know your heart is deeply sad on this day. I reach out to you to comfort you. Our greatest comfort is to think that he is now in paradise. Courage, my friend, my deepest condolence.”
Category : Sympathy quotes for friends

:: “After such a long agony, he is finally in peace. His spirit must be happy because pain has left him. I know you are sad because he departed this world, but feel calm because his suffering has also ended.”
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Condolences phrases
for friends

:: “My friend, I see you shed some tears today and I understand your grief. I am also sad for this tragedy. You must be strong now and you will see that time heals all wounds. My deepest condolence.”
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:: “Today death has taken away that person you loved so much. Accept this event with resignation and remember that sooner or later we will all be together again.”
Category : Condolences phrases for friends

We hope these condolence phrases for a friend helped you. Remember that losing a loved one is a very painful moment in life. Let us help our friends through this sad moment the best we can.

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