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The secret of success for your online dating : 
The secret of success for online dating is for you to understand that not necessarily on the first date you will be able to establish a long lasting relationship, it might happen, but that is not always the case.


For many years, in most human societies, dating among people of different sex with love or friendship purposes were made between people who knew each other or were connected through the environment of people they usually gathered with, it was not possible to try to link with people you did not knew, mainly for security reasons and, also, because of the conservative attitude that prevailed in society.

However, the emergence of the Internet not only resulted in mass access to information and knowledge, but it also brought light to new ways of relating, one of them at the beginning was through the e – mail, which basically allowed us to maintain contact with people not necessarily known for our environment, but friendships that one had in other cities of the country and the world and almost never saw them or people that, for work or trading relations, we maintained contact with. 
But just then, we saw that the broad field of Internet could be used to establish new ways of relating with people and, from 1997, virtual communities began to be created, communities that were identified between each other by common interests, such as work, reading, games and friendship. Thus came the Facebook social network, aimed for college students but today it is one of the communities with a higher acceptance rates, including any user on the Internet, MySpace aimed at teenagers, Twitter directed to any person who has Internet access… It was not long before it received an unexpected twist, the emergence of virtual communities for friendly relations and there emerged the first dating communities. 
Those who had access to these kind of communities were single people or linked romantically in real life, who decided to upload their profile in the web, stating themselves as people interested in getting involved in serious long lasting romantic relationships or simply looking for people to spend some time with; either case, with people who do not physically know each other and raised the famous “virtual boyfriends or girlfriends” phrase, people who, after contacting each other, managed to achieve a certain level of trust like a real girlfriend or boyfriend, until one of them decides to take the first step in seeking to move the virtual connection to the real world and agreed to meet at a specific place in time and particular day, thus generating an online date. 
But what is the secret for keeping this online date from failure, because you have to remember that it will be the first time you are face to face with him or her, and the charm of the unknown will evaporate at the first visual contact, so the secret of success of this first online date remain solely in terms of how we have been mentally preparing for keeping it from failure. 
The bottom line is that both know the physical appearance through photos, which allow quick placement on the first date and an opportunity to avoid bad first impression, in physical matters. 
It is necessary that all prior conversations actually reflect what we are, otherwise the disappointment that one of us might suffer, will make the first appointment is a complete failure. It is important that we reflect confidence and trust in ourselves, which will make the lady or girl we will meet to feel safe and trust by our side. 
We must ensure that the conversation runs quietly and show our willingness to listen carefully when we are talked to, in order to be able to receive the same bias in our conversation. Let’s not force the situation of wanting to learn every single detail about the other one, let her tell us as she develops the willingness to do so. 
The place you choose to gather must be a busy public place and preferably choose the afternoon, allowing us to locate quickly. 
In short, as the song says “there is no way, the way is made by walking”, good luck on your first online but not blind date.

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