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Searchig for best Whatsapp frienship text messages ? . Good friends are always unconditional, a reason we should respect, with loyalty, affection, reciprocity in our actions, daily preserving a bond of brotherhood, which is why it is a nice gesture to dedicate phrases of encouragement and good advice as well as appreciation.
We know that if you are here, it is because you are looking for thoughts for your great friend; you appreciate your friends as if they were members of your family, so you will not be disappointed because we have the best friendship phrases for you.
Read carefully the following lines and download for free the friendship text to send by WhatsApp.

Original quotes to share by instagram with friends

:: “Sometimes it is better an answer in silence instead of provocations because it is the best weapon and virtue to defend yourself from your enemies”.
:: “Dear friend, appreciate the life with hope, it is better to see a glass half full than empty”.
:: “Thank you for helping me to continue my life without looking back, so, I wouldn’t hurt myself anymore because of my past”.
:: “Friend, the only force capable of taking you where you want, is the power of your mind”.
:: “In our friendship we do not ask for anything in return, we just await the exchange of lovely gestures expressed by the heart”.Heartwarming friendship messages & sweet best friend whatsapp text messages

Short friendship messages & cards

:: “There is no worse enemy than the one who is shown himself as a friend to conquer your confidence and to be able to give you a dagger on the back”.
:: “Remember, friends shouldn’t be betrayed and respect is earned both in friendship and in love”.
:: “Sometimes life could be bitter, I am lucky because having a friend like you, gives it a little more sweetness”.
:: “You are a friend who helps without conditions, at the same time, when you receive help, you never forget who did something for you”.
:: “If you do not want to make the same mistakes, learn from them”.

Best thoughts on friendship images

:: “Beware of those liars who abound in the world because they make promises they know they cannot keep”.
:: “Let’s enjoy each moment as unique, it could be like water running through your hands or a shooting star that disappears in the dark”.
:: “The worst experiences are scars that remind that you should not repeat the same mistakes”.
:: “Always remember, taking the first step to fulfil your dreams is a good sign of intelligence and decision”.
:: “If you follow your instinct, you will begin to be the architect of your life and you will make your dreams come true”.Great friendship messenger sayings

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:: “When you make a decision, think about the consequences because you will be the one that will pay for the mistakes of your bad choices”.
:: “Dear friend, I respect the moments when you would want to be alone imagining your dreams”.
:: “Sometimes darkness is necessary to appreciate the sun reflections, when a good friend like you teaches me to see with the eyes of the heart”.
:: “If you want to change your life, start by having the willpower to put into action what you want to improve”.
:: “It is better that the power of your mind attracts the opportunities than waiting for them to happen”.

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:: “If you believe in the final goal of your dream, there is no obstacle will prevent you from reaching it”.
:: “When those who said that were my friends disappeared, you were always there. I will never forget it”.
:: “You are not perfect, you make mistakes like others, but having the courage to admit them, is what makes you different”.
:: “Time showed me the true nature of your person and I know it is worth having a friendship like yours”.
:: “You know how to offer a true friendship; I appreciate you because you are not superficial and I value your loyalty to my person”.Download thoughts of friendship to share by instagram

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:: “Since our friendship was born, we have known how to value it along the time”.
:: “You are my best friend, I have found in you the salt, the sweet and the bitter of life, when we share moments of madness, joy and sadness”.
:: “A look from you is capable to express your silence because it speaks with the language of a sincere friendship”.
:: “You are a friend who has the gift of perceiving how much I need your words of encouragement”.
:: “Thanks to your friendship, I learned that I will not always be able to go back in time but I can avoid repeating the same mistakes”.
:: “You are a good friend, with you, I have learned to express my feelings without saying words that others do not want to hear”.
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Friendship pretty phrases
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Friendship is one of the most valuable treasures that we have in the world, friends brighten our lives and we share with them many things throughout our lives.
But there is always one of our friends who earns a special place in our lives because it is always with us and support us becoming confidant and advisor.
If there is someone you consider your best friend and you want to tell how much you estimate him, share in her facebook wall, Twitter, or any of those media a nice phrase from heart and make him feel good.

Find Whatsapp statues for friends

:: “You are the kind of friends who everybody would want to have, it is not easy to find people like you so I feel very lucky to have you by my side”.
:: “We like the same music, the same food, the same fashion. We are also sure that our friendship will never end”.
:: “There are those who boast of having many friends, one is enough for me, for you are a great person who I can count on. I appreciate you a lot”.
:: “Our friendship began when we were children and over time has become stronger, we know a lot and we love just as we are”.
:: “I know I can always count on you, thanks for giving me your friendship. I like to know that in the world there are still honest people”.Download friendship messages & sayings for friendship cards

Best emotional friendship messages and quotes to share by twitter

:: “We have been united in our successes and failures. I wish everyone could enjoy a friendship as good as the one between you and me”.
:: “Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep the rhythm anymore, but then you come along and make me recover the spirit. I thank you for being a person who supports me and listens to me”.
:: “When we were little, we lent our wrists, and now even exchanged clothes. You are a super friend. I love you”.
:: “Sometimes we disagree, but despite these differences what we greatly appreciate above all is our friendship”.
:: “The true friends are those who tell you what bothers you and not discussed with others. You are that kind of friend and that’s why I love you so”.

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:: “When you are back we will celebrate much because we will remember all the experiences we had together. Thanks for being a true friend”.
:: “Sometimes I think we should be brothers, because we have the same tastes and the same way of looking at life. It is so funny that I think we met in a previous life”.
:: “Together we have overcome many things. You have extended me your hand and I have known how to thank you back, that’s what friendship is about. Thank you for being so”.
:: “I have many friends, but you are the most special because you are not only a funny person, but I find a good confidant and a counselor”.
:: “Sometimes I get sad thinking why so many people are mean but then I remember and I get happy because you are a great person”.
Send these special thoughts to your friends, for those who have behaved like a real friend at all times.Best whatsapp statuses about friendship

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