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A special moment for any woman is when she turned fifteen, as it is a very transcendent for girls who are turning from girl to woman time, they feel excited and also parents who are thrilled to see their little baby is no longer a child.
Since it is very important moment, is usual for the family and friends to organize a great feast, and during the ceremony should not miss those special words from parents to their daughter who is now a lady. So in this section we will give some examples so you can use them in this special moment.
Free list of 15 years old birthday messages:
:: “My dear child, today we realize that you are already a lady and above all a woman worthy of admiration, I hope you always can keep being the same, we wish a Happy Day with all our love”.
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:: “I always remember your parents, who have you in their heart, but despite are difficulties, you will always be our treasure. Happy Fifteen, dear daughter”.
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:: “Today we are so excited about the big step you’re giving, from our little girl to a woman, and think that recently were a baby for us, now we have you demonstrated that you’re all a lady, we are very happy to have a daughter like you and want pass the magnificent today on your birthday”.
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:: “Today is an important day for you and we wish you very happy passes. Never forget how much we love you and always will support you in whatever you decide. Have a happy fifteen years my dear daughter”.
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:: “You are the best friend I have and that’s why today I want to tell you how much I love you and over all, that you go to your parents that are so good and if you need me I will also be to listen. Pass it amazing in this day of your fifteen years”.
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:: “You are my favorite niece and today I realize that you are not a girl, you’re a lady and you’re so beautiful I want to wish the best for you because you deserve it. Enjoy your party much and have a Merry Fifteen year old celebration”.
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:: “Dear friend Today is your fifteenth birthday and I wish you much happiness to enjoy, but everyone says you are a little girl who is always laughing at everything, you’re so noble and tender. I adore you friend of my heart”.
Category :15 years old birthday messages
:: “I know that you wish much happiness today and always dear friend, because you deserve it, and well you are no longer a girl now you’ll be all grown up so we have to celebrate. Have a happy Fifteen soul mate”.
Category :15 years old birthday messages
For a woman the day of his fifteen years is a very special day different from all previous birthday and come, Receive a message from their parents, uncles or friends, for everyone it will be something special for her love. We hope you will come back to our website as we are always putting messages, phrases and thoughts for various reasons that will help you. Until next time, good luck.
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