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MPEG – 4, or simply MP4, is a file that was derived from the MPEG format type, which is used to bind multimedia files, such as audio and video. MP4 was created by the company Moving Picture Expert Group and by ISO / IEC, which are the creators of the most known formats for computers; a clear example is MP3, which is a music compressed format with a great audio quality.



This type of format became known among users thanks to the computer company, Apple, which published it on its iTunes player, around 1998. The company extended the compatibility of its player by including the extensions of the formats .Mp4a for audio and .Mp4v for video. In the actuality, the format MPEG – 4, can only be played through the .MP4a format; besides, other formats can be included, such as MP3 or the Apple lossless.

The MPEG – 4 format is also elaborated to provide the user a great quality in DVD video format with a small file package and a minimum data transmission speed. The company Moving Picture Expert Group elaborated the Advance Audio Coding codec, also known as ACC, which is in charge of providing a better performance when compressing files without them losing their origin quality.



Due to the fact that Apple counts with the QuickTime multimedia player, it will manage to play, with a better transmission quality the audio and video data, with a quality similar to the one offered by a DVD; likewise, this player is able to store a great amount of high definition (HD) audio and video file packages, which can be played trough streaming, because it counts with the QuickTime Streaming Server and Darwin Streaming Server technology. Web sites use this technology to publish a great amount of videos, because it takes less time in storing it in the buffering; there is also the QuickTime Broadcaster technology, which helps transmitting events, programs and life conferences; besides, this technology has revolutionized the world with digital television.

MPEG – 4 has a great compatibility with edition programs such as Final CUT, Movie Maker, Adobe and Office, which helps to obtain a better work quality using fewer resources. To download it you can use P2P (peer to peer) programs and to play it you need certain codec which can be obtained in packages offered in the Internet (because traditional players cannot play new formats).




This type of format can be transferred, in a simple way to different channels and distribution devices; this means that they have T.V. diffusion satellites and wireless devices. Apple made an alliance with the most prestigious companies in the communication and technological advance media, such as Cisco, IBM, Kasenna, Philips and Sun Microsystems, which are known as Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), which guarantees a maximum performance of this type of format in the greatest amount of computers.

One of the advantages of this type of format, is that it can be created and modified by the user, who is able to adapt it according to his or her needs; likewise, it helps to save time and money to other companies, because they do not need to modify their programs to adapt them to each format, or recurring to other providers so they can play each file with this type of format. One of the advantages it that takes everything it can from the technological advances, so it can provide the user an excellent performance and stability.

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