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Are you about to get married? Are you excited for that? It’s natural to feel like this before the big step. When date is closer, we spend a lot of time in the preparation for the wedding.

The selection of the church and the reception, the design of the suit or the dress and the invitations delivery are some of the things we have to do before the wedding. Invitations are usual to invite friends and family to the wedding.



What’s in a wedding invitation? Well, there are the names of the couple, the date and the place of the wedding and a quote that describes the happiness for getting married.

In this article, you’ll find some quotes for wedding invitations. Use these quotes in the invitation cards and give them a romantic touch.

Free list of phrases for wedding invitations:




– “Love has triumphed and now it’s time to join together our lives forever, come and be part of our happiness”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “We’re happy to have met to each other, have to each other and know that our love is real”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “When 2 souls have to be together because of the destiny, nothing and nobody could separate them, our love is the biggest thing in the world”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “ Two people who love so much to each other are going to get married to show all the world that for happiness is just necessary love and sincerity”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “Love has got to the hearts of this couple, angels sing on earth and heaven and their love is floating in the air, everybody could feel it”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “We’ll accept being together for the rest of our lives; we’ll join together our hearts and souls and everybody will know our love is pure and unique”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations



– “We’re ready to get married, to start a new life as a married couple, to be happy until the last day of our lives”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– We’ll get married to take care of each other, to respect to each other and to make our souls live happily in love”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations



– “After all the things we did together, we are sure we can do everything and we can be happy getting married”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

-”We want you to be part of this special date in our lives, We’ll join together our lives in the name of God and the world, We are getting married because we want to live happily together”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “Getting married is a dream for both of us, we’ll do because of the love between us and because it’s necessary to be together and be happy”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “We want to enjoy our love fully, we want to share our lives; we want to be married to feel that we can reach the stars”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

– “The happiness inside our hearts is much bigger than anything you’ve seen before, we are soon getting married and we know is the best we can do”
Category :Phrases for wedding invitations

We hope you liked these quotes for wedding invitations. Use them in your wedding invitations and they will be memorable for your guests.


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