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Wedding invitation wording :

Couples who are close to celebrating their wedding and are preparing their invitations must include a phrase that expresses their emotions.

Many couples forget this detail, and only worry about the paper quality and the invitation design, but not about its content. However, we believe an invitation is more meaningful if it reflects not only our feelings, but also our personality.
So, in the next lines we will give you some nice phrases that can be included in wedding invitations, or otherwise can inspire you to create your own love phrases.



Wedding invitations quotes free samples :

– We want to invite you to celebrate our wedding because you always believed in us and our love. Our most awaited day has come and we would like to have you in the first line.
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– We believe in fairy tales, so we have decided to get married and live happily ever after. Nothing would make us happier than counting on your elegant presence on such an important day.
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– Although it may be hard for some to believe it, we have decided to get married, because we have concluded that we cannot be apart any longer. We want to live together once and for all. So we would love to have you with us in this great event in our lives.
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– We have the church, the dress, the dinner and the orchestra. You are the only thing missing to make this the most unforgettable day in our lives. Yes, we are finally getting married and we want you to be with us that day.
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– All I ever wanted was to make her happy, so I have decided to make her dream come true: I will make her my wife. We have overcome all trials, and I know God will guide us in this new stage in our lives.
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– If I am her man and she is my lady, why wait any longer? We are getting married and we want to celebrate it with you. Nothing would make us happier than having you with us on the day we unite with God.
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– We are finally married! After insisting so much, she convinced me and I promised to love, worship and be faithful to her forever, because I am sure of what we feel for each other. We want our marriage to be perfect and so we want to share this immense joy with you.
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– We announce you the end of our single status and we invite you to celebrate our wedding, because we want to be husband and wife so much.
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– After a long time, we have decided to get married and start a beautiful family together. We would love you to be witnesses to our union, so this is an event you cannot miss.
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– Love is a beautiful feeling that got into our lives the day we first saw each other. Since then, this love has grown every day, and we no longer have doubts that we must celebrate it, and so we will by getting married before God and law.
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