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It may sound a little harsh, but the truth is that not every day is happy. Some days bad things use to happen to us and spoil our day. For quoting some bad moments, discovering that we have been cheated, been betrayed by someone we trusted, knowing about the death of a loved one, and other motifs that may lead us to sadness.

Right now it is good to remember that nothing in this world is perfect, and one day may be the best of all our lives and the following may be the worst. Did you just fall into something sad and would like to post it on facebook but do not have the right words to do so?



Well this page will show you a list of phrases and thoughts that you can write on your facebook wall so you can express what you feel as you wish.

Free list of sad messages for facebook:

– “It is very sad to see how some people prefer the material before the spiritual; they are the kind of person that won’t never know the true meaning of happiness.”
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– “You don’t only broke my heart in two, you grabbed each side and broke into thousands of pieces to pick it up at the end with the broom and throw it away.”
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– “I am very sad, not only because I lost a friend but henceforth it’s going to be hard for me to trust another person.”
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– “It is very sad to see your partner kiss another person, but it is even sadder when that person is considered a best friend for you.”
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– “Make the same mistake twice, leads one to failure and distrust of people who once trusted you.”
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– “It is unfortunate that some people judge others only by the physical aspect, I am really very sorry that there are people who prefer the superficial before what is inside.”
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– “As you sit on your couch and listen to music of yesterday is almost inevitable to get sad, because it comes to mind memories of the past that would never be repeated.”
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– “Just wanted you to be honest with me, if you never loved me and only wanted to spend time with me I would have understood but you lied to me and destroyed my feelings.”
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– “I am immersed in my mind, trying to forget everything and rip my heart. I do not want to hear your voice or your lies. I want to forget you.”
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– “I never meant to hurt you, I felt incapable of doing something similar. But today I am more than sad, I feel guilty, because thanks to me our relationship was spoiled.”
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– “Some say that time heals all wounds, especially those of the soul that are most last to heal. But I think the wound I have is so great that not all the time I have left will be enough to cure it completely. “
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– “I would have preferred a thousand times you go without telling me before that you were planning not come back again.”
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– “A person very close to me left this world forever. I get so sad and melancholic when I remember her beautiful smile and realize that she will not make me laugh any longer. “
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We hope these sad quotes for facebook are helpful for the break free of the sadness that you keep inside of you.

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