Very Romantic Letters For Valentine’s Day

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If you want to surprise your partner this Valentine, then send him a nice love note. On a romantic note you can make your partner feel very special to telling him/her the happiness you feel to have his/her love.

If you want to write a nice note to your sweetheart this coming February 14th, however you do not know what to say exactly, then worry no more. You are in the right place. In this article we bring two models of romantic notes for the day of love.



Use them as a guide to compose your own note of love for your partner.

Letter No. 1 for Valentine’s Day:

From: Fabian
To: Diana




Diana, my beautiful princess, I am sending you this note because today is a beautiful day. I am very happy to have you in my life and I feel happiness when I’m with you.

In your beautiful eyes I can see the immense love you feel for me and every time you smile my heart gets captivated. I love you with all my heart because only you awake the most wonderful feelings in my soul. You are the person I love most in my life without your love I would not know how to live.

On this beautiful day I want to thank you for all the love you give me everyday. You are the one who gives me reason to keep going. I am grateful to the Lord for having you in my life and I live beautiful moments with you.

I love you my darling, I will never get tired of telling you how important you are in my life. This February 14th will be unforgettable because I have a great love.



Letter No. 2 for Valentine’s Day:

From: Ana
To: Roberto

My life, on this day as special as it is the day of love I will express my feelings through this romantic note. You are my beloved Charming Prince; only you are the owner of my thoughts and my heart.

The feelings I have for you are so wonderful that I am inspired. When we were friends I did not think both of us would fall in love, but you have showed me the great person you are, as well as your great love.



When thinking about tomorrow imagine we will be together sharing our great love. Although sometimes we have few moments together, I feel the love I have is getting bigger.

Since you are in my life I have not eyes for anyone else, because you are the only man I love with all my heart. Thanks to you I have known true love. On this beautiful day of love I want to tell you that you are everything to me.

I love you as you have no idea.

These guidelines for romantic notes for the day of love are very creative and full of love. The love of your life will feel happy that you spend some of these.

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