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For things to go well we must have faith in God. There are moments in life when we feel trapped by the problems and it’s only at that moment that many of us remember that there is a God. We should not expect something bad to happen to us to remind us of God.

He loves us so much that He sent His son to save us from sin. Jesus Christ came to this world to let us valuable lessons about how to live in harmony with our neighbors. Jesus taught us that with God nothing is impossible and that is the only thing that can conquer death and save us from our sins.



Do you want your friends to know the happiness that produces to have faith in God? In this article we present a list of phrases of Jesus Christ for phones. Send these phrases as SMS to all your friends and make them to renew their faith in God.

Free list of Christian phrases for cell phones:

– “Believe in God and in Jesus Christ and you will be saved, give peace to your spirit by approaching God”
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– “Take care of me Christ in every step I take in this life. Your blessing is all I need to continue my path”
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– “You are the true path to salvation and eternal life, Jesus Christ give me strength to overcome difficult tests through my life”
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– “Whoever would save his life of sin must believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as their savior”
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– “Jesus Christ I put my hopes in you to make this a better world, you are the only one capable of doing this.”
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– “You are true happiness, which is always with us in good times and bad times, never walk away from me, Jesus”
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– “Jesus Christ, I ask you from heart to take care of my family and my friends from the clutches of the evil, give them wisdom and love to live happy”
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– “Jesus Christ our Lord I love you with all my heart, you’re the first in my life and everything I am is thanks to your will”
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– “I have Jesus Christ within me; I’ve accepted Him in my life as my only savior. Do it also and you will find peace within yourself.”
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– “Jesus Christ is the friend who never fails, is present wherever you go and with his love protects us from evil”
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– “Jesus Christ came into this world again to save us from sin, He sacrificed his life for us and gave us a lesson in love, never forget”
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– “We can all love Jesus Christ regardless of adversity, while he lived in this world suffered so much for us to be happy”
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– “I love beloved Jesus above all things in this world and because of you my life has a deep meaning and hope since I met you.”
Category :Christian phrases for cell phones

We hope that these statements of Jesus Christ for phones have been right for you and help you to make people to reflect on how important it is to believe in Jesus Christ.

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