Best cell phone service in Mexico

Cell phone service in Mexico: which is the best provider? : Mexico is among the Latin American countries that have stepped forward in mobile technology in the last decade. Cell phone service has also grown, and is now available in Mexico’s nine regions. Four cell phone service providers dominate in the country: Telcel, Iusacell, Movistar […]

Best I miss you text message by cell phone | Send Miss You Mobile Love Text

Best I miss you text message by cell phone | Send Miss You Mobile Love Text

Sweet & Romantic quotes to say “I miss you” by cell phone Everybody miss someone, that is not new, but it is not necessary the other person goes to the other side of the world to miss him or her. We can miss a person even if that person has gone for a month, a […]

Very cheap text messages to latin america

Companies offering services to send text messages for a really low price around the world :   Lately, the most recognized companies which are offering a stable and comfortable service to send text messages are Claro, Movistar and Nextel. The text messages can be sent to cell phone to cell phone for a really low […]

Facebook birthday wish for my sister

Some original  happy birthday message to my brothers/sisters on Facebook : In the whole family, the most important dates are those which belong to the mother, father and sons birthdays. For that reason, just like the special day of mom and dad, the birthday of our brothers and sisters is a great event full of unforgettable […]

Anniversary quotes for facebook

Many original aniversary quotes quotes,aniversary quotes,aniversary quotes resources for your facebook,aniversary quotes text message, sms aniversary quotes sayings ,nice aniversary quotes,quotes and sayings to send by sms: ::Our wedding was many years ago.  The celebration continues to this day. ::Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock. ::Our anniversary is a […]

The fathers day | Free father’s greetings and messages

The father’s day,free father’s greetings and messages : Father, because you were always there to support me in my fall and my mistakes, I want to wish you the happiest of days, Dad. Everyone has that person that we owe it all, and telling him how grateful we are is never too much. Here are […]