Tips About Interpersonal Skills

Tips About Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills for my CV The word “interpersonal” literally means “between people.” That means that interpersonal skills are skills that allow you have to socialize with the people around you, to understand, to relate to them. Before taking those skills into account were not much into consideration when hiring a professional but is now a […]

Importance Of Punctuality For Professionals

Free tips about punctuality for a professional Punctuality is the most valued virtue in our culture, in social life, but especially in the workplace. Be punctual professionally can refer to the delivery of a work or be present at the time required by the company to fulfill your tasks and describes you as a person […]

Advices Professional Profile For Business Advisor

Business Advisor: Professional Profile The services of a business advisor today are almost essential, as they are the professionals that give solutions to the requirements and the needs of the customers or users of a company. On a similar basis, a business advisor is able to make good decisions on issues related to acquiring goods, […]

Good Tips To Create A Professional Profile

How to create a professional profile A professional profile is defined as a review that describes roughly the knowledge and experience that a person has gained through his professional life. It could be said that a professional profile is a summary of a Curriculum Vitae; the difference is that the latter has not the supporting […]

Good Short Term Professional Goals Examples

Good examples of  short-term professional goals It is very important that professionals set goals that lead them to a constantly improvement. For example, a recently graduated professional could trace a main short-term objective regarded to gain work experience, usually some years as required by the labor market, after which he will be able to aim […]

American States with the Best Jobs

American states with the best jobs for professional residents : These days, the United States is the country with the highest economic and industrial development, and so it is the main world power. Even though a couple of years ago it faced a financial crisis which caused massive layoffs and protests, it has maintained a […]

Free job posting in Spain

Free career websites in Spain : Job search is simpler nowadays thanks to the help of internet. This service allows us to browse job opportunities comfortably at home. Also, we can look at their requirements, locations and we can apply to most of them emailing our resume. If you are job searching or even looking […]

Jobs for single women

Why do companies prefer to hire single women : Nowadays, women are an important part of labor force in each society. However, the companies’ preference to hire single women has caused a debate to know the real reasons for this decision by companies. According to most entrepreneurs, having single women in their companies guarantees they […]

Free examples of professional profiles | Download resume profile samples

Free examples of professional profiles | Download resume profile samples

Original profiles for Resume On this page we will offer you more original profiles that may be placed in your curriculum vitae on a satisfactory way, a essential part of a good original curriculum is to put a professional profile, of course you must remember that in this section you should highlight your skills and […]