Make friends fast at Twitter

How to make friends fast if you are new at Twitter : Social networks like Twitter have started a new communications era. Some people like to use this network to keep in touch with certain organizations or people they are interested in. Others simply want to find friends to talk to. Whatever your reason may […]

Best antivirus software for Windows 7

Which are the best antivirus programs for Windows 7 ? : These last days, the Windows Company has released to the current market its latest version for the operational systems, “Windows 7”, which offers a better stability than previous versions. The Windows 7 counts with an integrated by default Windows Defender which allows analyzing the […]

The commonest viruses and their effects on the system

Computer viruses and their effects on your Pc : The network of internet has a great disadvantage; it possesses an amazing number of viruses and also bad programs, for that reason many people keep wondering if there will be the day when a regular user can use the internet navigator without putting the computer in […]