how I can reduce my expenses

I do not have much money, how I can reduce my expenses in the weekly shopping? Tips for saving money : The money, many times, it is so short and we are always looking for more and more ways to get money enough so we can be able to buy us all the necessary food […]

Warning letter sample for poor performance

Example of letter for Low Performance ,bad performance warning letter: In all of the companies or maybe organizations, at some specific time, happens that one or more workers are not developing successfully the job they were hired for. The low performance of workers happens for many different and unknown reasons. However, if we don not approach […]

Example of a letter to ask for a salary raise

Sample letter asking for salary increase : Actually, these days, due the economical crisis and the instability in the jobs, it is really hard to ask for a salary raise. Many of us do not even think about asking for a raise, maybe because we know it can be automatically denied or perhaps just because any […]

How to obtain a salary raise

Do you want to know how to obtain a salary raise ?  Do not surpass the hierarchy; you better talk directly with the closest boss even if you know that he is not the one who will decide it. Think about the reason why you really deserve a salary raise. You can support those reason […]

Christmas gift tips and ideas

Christmas gift idea ,Christmas gift tips,tips to help you save money ,best christmas shopping ideas :  On the Christmas holydays we show our love and care to the people around us, and what a better way to do it than buying them a great present to show our feelings.  Many people believe that buying the […]

How to earn money through the Internet,Work at home earn money online

How to earn money on the Web ? Thanks to the high demand on the Internet, nowadays many companies and particular people have created modalities to earn profits with the requirement of having a computer with Internet connection and, obviously, the necessary time to invest because, in order to generate, big amounts of money in […]

Salaries for professionals in Usa

Wages and salaries for professionals in the United States of America: In the United States of America, the professional jobs that are related to the health sector and to the technology are highly demanded and, therefore, the ones who dedicate themselves to this type of activities are the ones who are earning higher wages and […]

Temporal jobs in Usa,temporal workers

Temporal jobs: How to apply & requirements,Usa temporal workers : Every immigrant who arrives to the United States, whichever the working visa he or she has might be, can only apply to temporal works of different durations and a variety of requirements. H – 1B Visa, H – 2B Visa, H – 2A Visa, H – […]