How to assemble a CPU

Computer Assembly,How to assemble a PC Guide :  Even though there are many companies that sell already assembled PC’s, it is always better to do it by yourself, although it will seem like a long job, it is pretty simple, for a person who has never done this kind of thing it will seem a little […]

Learn to Build a Computer,How to make a CPU

How to build a CPU,build your own computer:   Currently, there are several computers on the market that are already built, but sometimes there are cases in which we buy the pieces separately and then we begin implementing them in the CPU or, in the other hand, we choose to learn how to assemble a […]

How to repair Flash memories

Flash memory toolkit, repair tools for USB drives,how to fix errors and format USB flash drives, USB, SD MMC, memory stick:  Most us have had to deal with the fact that our portable memory devices have started to fail (USB, Pendrivers, Secure digital, memory stick, players, MMC, etc.), these failures commonly involve problems such as […]

Ram memories,RAM memory upgrade

How RAM memories works ?: The RAM memory is the short for random access memory and it refers to a temporal memory which is lost when we shut down the system, the order and type of information that is stored in the RAM memory can be randomly distributed, meaning that it can be kept anywhere […]

Computer memories,How computer memory works

Computer data storage,Computer Memory Information : Computers have several components and devices that retaining information during certain period of time, they fulfill one of the main functions of modern computers, which is the storage of information, which is why memories are a fundamental part of the computer and are been used since 1940 with the […]