Nice Love Letters To Keep Friendship

Beautiful love letters to keep friendship To some people, ending a relationship is like an impossible mission because they do not know how to do it and also they used to be afraid about the reaction of the person he or she wants to separate from. Given this situation, some people choose to do it […]

Why do couples hide their relationship

Is your boyfriend cheatting on you ? Signs of cheating spouse,lover,husband,wife : Men and women who are married, in love affairs or paired, are always at risk of temptation to maintain relations with someone other than their partner and when this happens, instead of leaving their partner, they opt for simply hiding their new relationship […]

Valentines day

Valentine’s Day: Love date or shopping day ? Valentine’s Day, depending on the interest of the person, it constitutes a celebration  or business day . February 14th, coincidence or not, it is one of the fewest dates celebrated all over the world. If, the day of the love or lovers or, modernly called, day of […]