Excellent Professional Goals For Lawyers

Professional goals for a career in law The legal profession is a career that has increased its demand among the students all the time as lawyers, notaries and judges, among others, are needed. Following this career is a good alternative for those with skills in terms of communication. After completing this profession it is important […]

Reasons to study law

Advantages of studying to become a lawyer : A lawyer’s work is fundamental in people’s lives because it is about defending justice. A lawyer is able to counsel people in legal issues, and defend them in a justice court. Those who want to become lawyers must study Law and join a bar association. Law refers […]

When is celebrated the lawyers day

Celebrating the Lawyer’s Day : In many countries around the world, it is celebrated the lawyer’s day with conferences, magisterial lessons, book presentations and dinners. On these important events, the lawyers make a commitment so they will make justice on an efficient and ethical way. Even if the lawyer’s day is not celebrated universally yet, […]