Excellent Job Application Letter Samples

Good sample letter for a job application Today, competition among professionals for the best jobs is increasing. Everyone is looking for a master’s degree or a specialization that improve the position in comparison to other applicants. To highlight, one of the most used tools is a good job application letter. A letter requesting a position […]

The Best Quit Letters

How to redact a quit letter If you thought well, if you don’t feel good in your actual job or if you have a great opportunity that you can let go, then is time to prepare a good quitclaim letter. Is not an easy decision to make. We always ask ourselves if we are taking […]

Excellent Recommendation Letters

How to redact a recommendation letter A recommendation letter is one of the tools that you can use to attract the attention to your curriculum. This letter has as a objective offer a additional information about our qualities shown in older jobs. Qualities that will help us to get a new one. and even better. […]

Good Collection Letter Samples

Excellent collection letter samples The letters demanding payment, serve as notification that makes a natural or legal person to claim payment of a debt or an obligation. The purpose of this letter is to give a last warning before being obliged to resort to legal action to demand payment. The letter makes clear a deadline […]

Excellent Work Presentation Letters

Good work presentation model letter Internet is a great tool that we can use when looking for work. There are many websites where you can find listings of interesting job offers. In these portals are indicated what is the profile of the company as requested and also an email address where you can send your […]

Good Reasons To Leave Your Job

Why do you want to leave your current job ? Suppose that for various reasons you did not feel happy with your work. It might require you to spend a lot of time, there have been some conflicts with other employees, you haven’t been well paid related to your functions, etc, and you want to […]

Excellent Memorandum Letter For An Employee

Good example of memorandum letter for an employee A memorandum is an internal document by which the employer or the chief in charge takes a wake-up call to an employee for any errors or misconduct that also warn of the consequences faced by them and depending on the severity of failure or repetition of them […]

Excellent Vacations Notification Letter

Nice vacations notification letter Labor laws require that every employee is allowed to receive a vacation period at one year of work. The custom is that the holiday period is taken by the employee in full, for example 30 days, but the case in which you can choose to divide into two periods of 15 […]

Excellent New Employee Presentation Letter

Nice presentation letter of a new employee Undoubtedly one of the most difficult times that we face during our working lives are early days in a new job and this is because a new employee does not know his co-workers, do not know where to turn for help and it is a bit tricky to […]

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