Best 5 programs to format a hard disk

Best software to format a hard drive: Many people store a great part of their information on the hard disk of the computer, because this storage dispositive can save a great amount of data. However, eliminating all the stored data is absolutely not an easy task. For that reason we will make mention of the […]

How to uninstall hidden programs in win vista

Remove hidden programs in Windows Vista,uninstall hidden programs in video,how to eliminate programs in Win vista : According to the pass of time and to the use of the computer, our amount of installed programs increases, is very probable that many of the programs that we have installed are not even been used, we might have even […]

How to assemble a CPU

Computer Assembly,How to assemble a PC Guide :  Even though there are many companies that sell already assembled PC’s, it is always better to do it by yourself, although it will seem like a long job, it is pretty simple, for a person who has never done this kind of thing it will seem a little […]

Learn to Build a Computer,How to make a CPU

How to build a CPU,build your own computer:   Currently, there are several computers on the market that are already built, but sometimes there are cases in which we buy the pieces separately and then we begin implementing them in the CPU or, in the other hand, we choose to learn how to assemble a […]

Gmail Backup,security copies

Gmail Backup: doing security copies of your Gmail e – mails easily:  Gmail Backup is a useful tool that is good for doing security copies (backups) of our Gmail e – mail in our PC’s hard drive. This tool is able to be used in operative systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, inclusively it […]

How to optimize Windows Vista,speed windows vista

How to optimize Windows Vista,Optimize Vista, Vista Optimizer,Optimize Windows Vista? When comparing it to Windows XP, Windows Vista requires the computer to have a higher virtual capacity, due to the fact that this new system, launched at the beginning of the year 2007, consumes more system resources and, as a consequence, it can cause the […]