Cheap hotels in France

How to find hotels without spending a lot and traveling through France : So much to see and much to do in a country like France, museums, galleries, restaurants and streets of Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Lens, the wine region of Champagne and Bordeaux, the French Alps and Pyrenees, to say the truth, it […]

Cheap flights to Paris

I cannot believe it: it is a dream come true, traveling to Paris with cheap flights : Paris, the light city, is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in the world, because it has much to see and enjoy, like museums, monuments, historic buildings and other tourist resources and very often, the time we have […]

Paris free tourist and visitor guidebook

The Tourism in Paris,Paris tourism guide : Those who really know say that after visiting Paris, you can rest in peace because there is so much to see from modern monuments like the Eiffel Tower to the great museums and art galleries, not to mention the bars, restaurants and coffee shops which are responsible for […]

Where to go in France,best places in France

France travel guide ,The best places to go in France :Vacations in France :  Is going to France one of your beloved dreams? Are you one of the luckiest ones that will go and visit the beautiful places in this country?. In this article I will recommend you some of the places you must visit […]