How to uninstall hidden programs in win vista

Remove hidden programs in Windows Vista,uninstall hidden programs in video,how to eliminate programs in Win vista : According to the pass of time and to the use of the computer, our amount of installed programs increases, is very probable that many of the programs that we have installed are not even been used, we might have even […]

Differences between MP3 MP4 iPod

What are the differences between an MP3, an MP4 and an iPod ? :  Lately, it is very common to see people walking or resting listening to music from small portable players that can store hundreds of songs and thus, entertain our day. Nevertheless, now there are many the brands and types of these devices […]

Download files from anywhere

Download files stored in your PC from another PC anywhere in the world : Nowadays, the Web contains a diverse amount of websites in which you can store any type of file, such as movies, music, documents and any kind of applications, which can be downloaded anytime and anywhere.  The only limitation that this kind of […]

Free utilities to delete undeletable files,tips to delete files from your pc

Eliminate files that do not let you erase them,delete files permanently :  Many times it has been impossible to us to eliminate a file, because it is been used by the operative system, this usually happens because some problems that occur when using multimedia, specifically by some .avi damaged files, which make their corresponding codec to […]