All about 3 – D Screens

What are 3 – D Screens : 3 – D Screens are a new application of the auto stereoscopic screens, which allow the viewer to have the feeling of been inside the image, which is its main objective. It is as been in a surreal world artificially created, like 3 – D screens, but without […]

Best tips before buying a laptop computer

Everything you should know before buying a notebook : Nowadays notebooks are on fashion are they are invading our life with many original and eye – catching devices, but before letting appearances guide us, we must analyze some elements that must be taken into consideration before buying the notebook of our dreams. First of all, […]

All about netbook computers

Netbook computers : Nowadays, netbooks are part of the contemporaneous informatics fashion; they have climbed up until turning into one of the most popular elements among young people and adults. Netbooks are low priced computers and, therefore, of smaller dimensions and, apparently, is for this reason that people have become interested in them. The most […]

Tips to save money when buying a Laptop

How to reduce costs when buying a notebook ? : It is almost a fact that current technology evolves at huge steps regarding the production and assembling of portable computers, besides, companies spend a great amount of research resources in the developing of innovative components, which is why sometimes we find that the prices are […]

Last Windows Palms

The best Windows’ Palms : During the pass of the years, the advance of the technological career has been seen and it was almost unthinkable that two direct rivals could join each other in a strategic alliance to unify their technologies to be able to reach their own benefits. One of the most important alliances […]

The last Mac Book

New Mac Book Launch : A little time ago the launch of the new Mac Book notebooks has been announced; these count with a revolutionary design based on aluminum, modifications on its track pad and a new video card. Apple has made strong investments on its notebook, making the little apple brand to have even […]

Best mobile phones for playing|Best playing mobile phones

Which are de best mobile phones for playing ? :     Current technology has open itself field among many aspects of the multimedia applications, especially referring to spare time and entertainment applications. This is the case of the cell phone technology, which has found an environment worthy to be operated and with a great amount […]

How to assemble a PC

Tips for Assembling your Custom PC : Nowadays, we see that assembled computers are been sold everywhere or if you already have a PC, salesmen give you the possibility of adding certain components to your equipment so you can improve it or so you can chance some pieces that are out of date and, in […]