Good Tips To Detect And Remove Key Loggers

Detecting and removing key loggers from your PC Key loggers are software specialized in capturing all the information that enters your computer via the keyboard and are used as security in enterprises and in homes. However, they can be used by malicious people to steal personal information such as user names and passwords, to access […]

Excellent Tips For Computer Software Cleaning

How to clean my computer from virus for free To confirm that our computer is always perfect we must upkeep the antivirus to avoid problems. We must be very careful with mobile devices such as USB sticks and memory cards we connect to our computer. Some computers can transmit their infected virus to our PC, […]

IT Cover Letters Sample

Letter of introduction from a computer expert : The world of computer science and computing has developed at a brisk pace in the last 10 years. Thus, most companies require their employees have basic computer skills. However, some work areas need a high knowledge in this field. This article provides some model letters of introduction […]

Tips to be safe on the internet

What precautions should be taken to use the Internet ? The Internet is an indispensable source for the life today, thanks to this device we can do many things from a computer, either using e-mail, browser, download multimedia files, chat, via online play and games, among other activities. However, we must be careful when we […]

Top PC maintenance utilities

What are the best computer maintenance programs ? It is very common to find problems in the operating system, whether for reasons of virus attacks or damage caused by software upgrades and installations. That is why next we will make mention of the best maintenance programs to improve the stability of your computer. Tune up […]

How to perform maintenance to the computer

Correct methods of basic computer maintenance : Today computers have become part of our lives. Actually in the business area the computers are essential for many of the activities which are required for different business processes. At home, it is very necessary to be informed and study activities. That is why your computer absolutely needs […]

Finding my pc drivers easily

Look for Drivers for your computer easily : Are you looking for a driver for your computer? Do you need updates for your expired drivers? The task to look for updated drivers for your computer can turn out to be totally exhausting, especially if you count with old – fashioned equipment. Besides, anyone has the time […]

How to assemble a CPU

Computer Assembly,How to assemble a PC Guide :  Even though there are many companies that sell already assembled PC’s, it is always better to do it by yourself, although it will seem like a long job, it is pretty simple, for a person who has never done this kind of thing it will seem a little […]

Learn to Build a Computer,How to make a CPU

How to build a CPU,build your own computer:   Currently, there are several computers on the market that are already built, but sometimes there are cases in which we buy the pieces separately and then we begin implementing them in the CPU or, in the other hand, we choose to learn how to assemble a […]

What is a pen drive,popular USB pen drives

Popular types of USB Pen Drives : :pen drive 16gb, usb flash pen drive, drives pen drive, exagerate pen drive, flash hard disk, pendrive 8 gb, flash disk drive, usb 2.0 flash drive   The flash drive, also known commercially as USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a compact storage device that uses flash memory to store […]

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