Excellent Tips For Computer Software Cleaning

How to clean my computer from virus for free To confirm that our computer is always perfect we must upkeep the antivirus to avoid problems. We must be very careful with mobile devices such as USB sticks and memory cards we connect to our computer. Some computers can transmit their infected virus to our PC, […]

Download free Zipping and unzipping software

Free zipping and unzipping and compressing programs: Most users who already have some experience with informatics know what this is about and what file compressors are good for. However, there are still a lot of people who are just getting started in introducing themselves in the world of informatics and they do not know what […]

Best tips before buying a laptop computer

Everything you should know before buying a notebook : Nowadays notebooks are on fashion are they are invading our life with many original and eye – catching devices, but before letting appearances guide us, we must analyze some elements that must be taken into consideration before buying the notebook of our dreams. First of all, […]

Best computer and laptop buying advice

Desktop computers vs. Laptops information  : A while ago, laptop computers and desktop computer differentiate from each other in a great measure for their power, capacity, speed and performance; but, nowadays, this has changed, due to the fact that technology advances and, in the same way, the price of them is decreasing. However, even though […]

How to Add security to the WiFi

Practical Wi-Fi security : Wireless security options: As time goes by, it is harder to make the Wi-Fi nets secure, this is due to the fact that every day more and more applications that let information slip away are been created, this is why we will never be really save. What we can do is […]

How to open Windows programs faster

Tips to open Windows’ programs faster : When we are working in our computers and we have to develop very important projects or that take us a short time, the slow access to some of the programs breaks our patient and makes us take longer than we thought we would. It is as if the computer […]

Tips to save money when buying a Laptop

How to reduce costs when buying a notebook ? : It is almost a fact that current technology evolves at huge steps regarding the production and assembling of portable computers, besides, companies spend a great amount of research resources in the developing of innovative components, which is why sometimes we find that the prices are […]

Curriculum vitae resume writing tips

Strategies to successfully do your curriculum vitae:When you are in the process of searching a new job, your curriculum vitae is your first contact with the selector of the company you are applying for. In it you have to state your aptitudes, knowledge, interests, who you are in general, additionally highlight your professional achievements, but […]

How to recover deleted files

Sometimes, we delete or erase documents in our hard drive and then realize how important they were; that is when we need to get them back to use it again. In order to achieve this, there are various programs that can be used to effect the restoration, a good option is an application called Restoration. […]

Free Screensavers for Windows

A screensaver is a type of immobile picture that can be added into your screen’s settings and is activates when there are long periods of inactivity in the keyboard or in the mouse. This picture does not modify nor changes the information in the desktop, the only thing it does is cover it and do […]