Free Birthday Phrases For My Boss

New birthdays messages for my boss Generally, the social structure in which we live has accustomed us to conceive our chief or the head of a project we are in, as a very strict person, who does not value very much the people who work for him, or maybe as someone cocky, making all things […]

Nice Happy Birthday Messages For Your Boss

Happy birthday messages for your boss Our boss is a very important person in the workplace as he is the person in charge that indicates the activities that have to be performed and he evaluated our performance for feedback. There are all sorts of bosses, some are very nice and some are a little nagging, […]

Excellent Birthday Speech For My Boss

Nice birthday speech for your boss To feel comfortable in our work is essential to have good relations with our colleagues and especially with our employer. In our working relationship with our boss should prevail respect and trust. If you maintain a good relationship with your boss rather than just a working relation you can […]

Having A Younger Boss

Is There A Problem With Having A Younger Boss? In almost all companies, every now and then there are changes to improve or innovate certain aspects of work. Some of these changes, such as personnel changes, are necessary for time of service or workers’ efficiency. Some firms hire very young personnel for key positions like […]

Congratulation phrases for a Promotion

Best congratulation phrases for a promotion ,words to congratulate promotion : When we get our first job we are very excited because this is an important step for our personal and professional development. If we have a good performance, most probably we will start getting more important positions. In this article you will find phrases to […]

How to write a letter of appreciation

Good performance letter : Recognizing the good performance of the workers of a company is actually a good way to motivate them to keep the good work with enthusiasm and security and also to develop their daily activities with quality, so that way they achieve positive results for the company. The recognition to the workers […]

Thanks letter for permissions

Free permission letter download : Many workers consider unnecessary the fact of saying thanks to the boss for the permissions awarded to them, this is because they consider this kind of act like nothing else but a flattering comment. However, every worker must keep in mind that the most of time these kinds of permissions […]

How to write an employee recognition letter

How to write an employee recognition letter

Appreciation Letter,Sample Letter of appreciation to the worker :  All the workers want their job to be recognized at some time. The partner use to congratulate the worker for his achievements at the company, however, the worker feels really happy when the highest authority recognize his efforts during all of the years working with the company. […]

Thank you letter to your boss for given raise salary

How to thank your boss for a raise,sample letter : Achieving economic and employment benefits is based on personal effort and human resource policies applied by the company in which one works, so whenever we are awarded with any extras . It is not badly seen to express our appreciation to others through a formal letter […]