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Next we will show you some examples of introduction letters made by a systems engineer so that way you can elaborate a really good curriculum vitae successfully; a resume can be elaborated even better if you add a good introduction letter on it.

You must remember that the final objective of the introduction letter is to show certain aspects which were not mentioned on the curriculum vitae, and actually somehow it helps the person in charge of the employee selection process to be more interested about you and your past jobs so you can obtain the important job interview.

Example of an introduction letter made by a Systems Engineer 1 :

Juan Ramon Gonzales
55th street N° Mexico
Mexico DF

Distinguished staff’s director
Software Europe INC
Roma, Italia

Mexico, February 2011

Dear Mr. Director:

I write this letter to let you know about my really good services as systems engineering manager, so for that reason I would be honored to occupy that vacant place I just luckily saw on the official website of the company.

These last 8 years I have been working at the systems and technology department of the information in Microsoft Mexico where I had the chance to appreciate real how valuable is the professional development process.




In my good experience working at Microsoft Mexico, I was involved with many software development processes, data bases administration in SQL 2005, support for the user and a lot of chance to tale some good decisions.

Likewise, I developed my teamwork skills by myself as well as projects management which used to include people from the clients and from our own company in really big projects.

I consider my experience and leadership shown in the technology department administration area, combined with my academic development, which concluded at the University of Calgary, in Canada, will allow me offer a good help for the company Software Europe INC and its clients of course.

I am a very responsible engineer, I am 100% with the company I am working for, and I feel the commitment, I am really creative, with initiative and my principal objective is developing myself as a really good professional, I mean a real professional who can be able to apply his knowledge so that way we can obtain mutual benefits.

The new challenges, they stimulate me to learn with happiness the new responsibilities I will be able to handle on this long road to the success.

To be honest, I really appreciate your time and interest, and I absolutely would like to explain some more details about me on the job interview.

Greetings and thanks.
Juan Ramon Gonzales
Systems Engineer

Example of an introduction letter made by a Systems Engineer 2 :

James Reed
11th street N° San Francisco

Distinguished staff’s director
Notebooks & Software  INC
Toronto, Canada

San francisco, March 2011



Dear Mr. Director:

Let me introduce my Resume to apply for a review and to be consider for a position in your company, according to my profile I’m the best for your convenience. As you can see, I have more than 20 years working for IT Area; of these, more than 10 years .

I have been Team Leader and I have had the opportunity to work in for different positions and personal management, networks, telecommunication devices, WEB and Applications developer, DBA, Servers Administrator.

This is the reason why I consider that my experience and formation are adapted to offer a great professional contribution.

I appreciate the attention and I hope to be consider for an evaluation.

Greetings and thanks.
James Reed
Systems Engineer

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