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Model personal reference letters :

When we want to apply for a job in a firm, rent an apartment, borrow money from the bank or another important process, we will sometimes need a personal reference letter, and its main objective is to let the person who wants to contact you to have a better idea of who you are, so they will ask for another opinion about you. Generally, we write the letter ourselves and then take it to the person who will read and sign it as approval of its contents. The kind of letter and its content will depend on what you are applying for.

In this article you will find some model personal reference letters that will surely help you write your own.
For the first model, we have considered this case. Mr. Sánchez wants to rent an apartment in a suburban area. The landlord has asked him a personal reference letter signed by the landlord of Mr. Sánchez previous address.



Reference letters sample n° 1 :

Lima, January 3, 2011
Juan Antonio Meza Puente
Calle Las Baldosas 654 Lima Cercado
Lima – Peru

Mr. José Miguel Rueda Solar
Av. Pacifico 542 – 404 Miraflores
Lima – Peru




Dear Mr. Rueda
I, Juan Antonio Meza Puente, 48 years old, identity card n° 53527987 and born in Peru, write you this letter to confirm I personally know Mr. Ricardo Aurelio Sánchez García, Peruvian, 37 years old and identity card n° 65643298.



I know Mr. Sánchez on a owner-tenant basis regarding the premises located in Calle Las Baldosas 654- 2do piso Lima Cercado. Mr. Sánchez lived in my property for 3 years and all along he proved to be serious and responsible in every sense. Also, he is very polite.
I issue this reference letter as per Mr. Sanchez’s request.

Juan Antonio Meza Puente

For the second model letter we consider the following case. Ms. Lazo wants to borrow money from the bank, which has asked her for a reference letter from someone who can verify the information Ms. Lazo has provided the bank.

Reference letters sample n° 2 :

Lima, January 3, 2011
María Luisa Céspedes Villar
Av. Neptuno 456
Lima – Peru

Banco Nacional de Préstamos
Av. Atlántico 354 – Surco
Lima – Peru

Dear Banco Nacional de Prestamos :



I, María Luisa Céspedes Villar, 41 years old, identity card n° 76743211 and born in Peru, write you this letter to confirm I personally know Ms. Jimena Lazo Díaz, Peruvian, 33 years old and identity card n°36985214. Ms. Lazo and I have been neighbors for the last 10 years, and all along she has proved to be serious and responsible.

I would also like to point out I issue this letter as per Ms. Lazo’s request.

María Luisa Céspedes Villar

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